Thursday, December 17, 2009


I love having two girls. I didn't think I would. Everyone in my family has one girl and it has seemed to work out fine. I was always happy I didn't have a sister because I didn't have to share my mom with another girl. I felt I had a sister - my cousin Natalia - best of both words. I had someone to be close to like a sister but we each had our own moms.I am so happy that Jasmine has a sister, for her personality, I think it will be great and I think she will protect her sister. Jasmine has shown a very pure love for Ava and has been so good towards her since Ava was born. She is quick to help and wants to be around her.
Ava couldn't be happier when she sees Jasmine and her face brightens into a gorgeous smile when she sees Jasmine coming towards her.
These pictures I had taken of them really reflect them as a unit and how they are when they are together. I just love them and am so glad to have them both in my life.