Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mini Missionary

Jasmine attended her first Primary Activity where she was to be a mini-missionary and be taught what missionaries do in the church. It was cute because they had a whole program ready for the kids - it was very organized and involved.
I dressed Jasmine up and headed to the church as I was asked to be the flight attendant on the mock airplane. They began their journey at the MTC (Missionary Training Center) where they heard someone talk about all the tools they would need to go out on missions, including the scriptures, books and other essential items they would need to have at all times.
They were then assigned to a companion, Jasmine was assigned to Jordan Marshall who took very good care of her. They received their airplane tickets and boarded my airplane which I named Spirit Air. I decided to make it fun for the kids so I put on a British accent and tried to act as strict as possible. They were in designated seats and then I did the emergency speech and the take off.When they arrived on their missions, they met their mission presidents and spent time going from room to room where they learned about different parts of the world where missionaries serve. They had a room for Italy, Romania and the Philippines and also a relay training room where they got to play some missionary games.After visiting each room, trying the food from the country and learning a bit about what missionaries do, it was time to board the airplane and go home. They had an in-flight movie - Called to Serve and the Captain (our bishop) said a few things to them before they landed.
I thought it was a great activity and I was happy that Jasmine got to participate and enjoy being a part of primary.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our First Snow of the Season

So, this past week, Jasmine was out of school Monday and Tuesday because of teacher workdays. On Tuesday the weather decided to grace us with our first real snowfall of the winter season. I am hoping it isn't the only one. I couldn't let Jasmine out to play in it the first day as she wasn't feeling well and she was running a temperature. We stayed locked inside most of the day watching the snow fall and collect in our yard. I really love the snow.On Wednesday, they canceled school and Jasmine was feeling tons better so we got out her snowsuit from last year (which she only wore once) and were pleased to find it still fit and let her go out and play in the snow. She was wanting to make a snow angel but once she got outside, she lost her nerve and wouldn't lay in the snow. She was content to run around the yard at full speed making footprints in the snow and also getting snow and ice off my car to eat and to throw around. I played chase with her a bit and Daddy tried to interest her in building a snowman - but all she wanted to do was run.We stayed outside about 45 minutes and that seemed to be enough for all of us. I am glad that Jasmine got a chance to see some snow this year. It is always hard for me because it used to snow here a lot more when I was a child and I hate that the weather has changed so drastically in such a short amount of time.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh Yes! It's Ladies Night!

I have made some new friends lately and also have some amazing friends that I have had for years and some I don't get to see often so I decided to remedy this mess by having a girl's night at my house. I wanted to get a great group of girlfriends together and have them all meet each other and just have a relaxing evening together.
I was excited that so many of my friends were so interested in coming and I was sad that some couldn't make it. I have vowed not to let that be the last one I do this year for sure.
I had everyone bring a finger food to share and consequently, we had a lot of delicious food. Everyone outdid themselves and I was lucky to have leftover party food that I snacked on for like 4 days after!We played a great getting to know you game where we went one at a time and said 3 things about ourselves that define who we are and 3 things we would never do. As well as I know some of my friends, I learned tons more about them that night and I loved that game. Everyone got into it as well and I love how everyone got a chance to have their voice heard by everyone.
I was originally going to show a chick flick but everyone was having so much fun talking to each other and mingling and eating that I felt bad interrupting that vibe by putting on a movie. Next time I think I will play a movie though because it is hard to get my husband to sit and watch some of that stuff with me. I need a group of girlfriends to do that with!
Lorne was very supportive and took Jasmine out to Chuck E. Cheese for the evening and when they returned, they made a cameo at the party before they went upstairs and watched a movie together. It was a late night for Jasmine but I love that she got to spend special time with her daddy.It was a really good time and I was sad to see the evening end, especially since I am a person who gets energized being around lots of people. My last friends left around 12:30 AM and I sat and enjoyed the silence and basked in the fun I had just had before heading off to bed. I loved the evening, and hoped everyone else did too! Who's hosting the next one?
Here are some pictures with me and each guest -

Cindy Zarcone
Amber White
Tricia Moore
Marcia Crandall
Chrissy Tabaka
Kelleen Trauger
Mary Ady
Mary Yeagley
Erin Dyal
My Mom
Cheryl Russell - Cindy's Mom
Katie - Erin's Sister
Sarah Epling

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jasmine's Big Playdate

One night, Jasmine was asking if she could have a play date with her friends. I instantly felt guilty because I haven't done many play dates and Jasmine is a super social child. She also has a lot of friends she feels close to, even at this young age. So, I decided right then and there to call up Kelleen and invite her girls over on Inauguration Tuesday for a play date. Kelleen agreed and I looked at Jasmine and told her she would be having a play date. She looked up at me and said, "But Mommy, you have to call AJ and Nita's Mommy too." So I did - I called Chrissy and she seemed happy with the idea of a play date that same day. I felt happy to expand the group and hung up the phone. Again, those beautiful green eyes looked up at me and said, "Mommy, you have to call Chloe's Mommy because she is one of my best friends!". I looked at her and said OK but that this was my limit. With Chloe, that gave me a 6 child group and that was on the verge of becoming a party, not a play date! Chloe's Mom Mary agreed and sounded excited as well.
On Monday, I decided I wanted to commemorate the Inaguration by doing some activities that the kids could enjoy that were partriotic and fun. I also wanted to feed them lunch so I decided that the kids would make their own pizza. I found out what each child liked and made sure their favorite toppings were there.
I also went to the party store and got some balloons to make the place look pretty and also a flag for each child. We went to the craft store and bought some foam visors and things to decotae them with so the kids could have a craft to do as well. Jasmine was super happy and asking lots of questions as we prepared for the Big play date as she called it.I decorated the kitchen and before the guests were to arrive, Jasmine and I sat in front of the computer and watched the streaming video from the Capital building and I explained to Jasmien why this day was important and I taught her the name of the new president and vice-president. When she saw President Obama, she exclaimed, "Mommy, he's cute!" and I laughed because she is such a girl.
She watched in awe as the President was sworn in and also enjoyed the music - I even taught her who Izzack Perlman is and Yo-Yo Ma and she loved their music and said she wanted to play like him. It was great.
The guests arrived shortly after and the moms all decided to stay and help and hang out with me which I was happy and grateful for. There was no need, I would have been happy to give them a break but since they wanted to, I wasn't going to argue!The kids had a great time making their pizza and it was very tasty. They made enough that there was even pizza left over. While the pizza baked, the kids did their craft and they made the cutest hats ever!After lunch, we all headed downstairs for play time and I also put a movie on for the kids. Us moms sat around on the couch and chatted and got to know one another better. I really enjoyed that time and it was so nice that Jasmine was so entertained with all her friends. I really wish that this next baby would be born big enough to play with Jasmine right away but I guess we will have to wait a few years for the built in playmate thing.
I took some pictures of the kids together before they left and I was elated that it seemed everyone had a good time. I hope to do another play date next month. Maybe we will do a Valentine Day theme or a President's Day theme!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Jen Uhlir's Baby Shower

It was fun to be able to attend a baby shower for my dear friend Jen Uhlir here in Northern Virginia since she and her husband Nik have moved to Boston in the past year and I haven't had a chance to see her for a while. It is great she still has so many friends and in-laws here that it made since for her to travel and attend a shower here.
I was asked to make the cake and I made the lamb cake for her you saw in the previous post. My good friend Jasa threw the shower but many of Jen's friends got to participate by some bringing food, and some in charge of games, etc.
We had a good time playing some games (I won them all - sly grin...) such as the pin game, which is actually a game I am not a huge fan of but won anyway. In this game you can't say a certain word (in this case the word was baby) and if you catch someone saying it, you steal their pin and the person with the most pins wins. We also played a game where baby objects are put into bags and you have to feel the bag and guess what the item is. We also played a game where we had to decorate a peanut. This was a game made up by one of Jen's friends because Jen and Nik are calling the baby Peanut as a nickname as they don't know what they are having and don't want to know until the baby is born. I have a bit of a creative gene so when Jen chose 2 winners, I was one chosen.Then Jen got to open the mounds of gifts she received and it was fun to see all the cute baby stuff she got. It made me excited to have another baby of my own.All in all, it was a great time and I was so happy to spend some time with friends I hadn't seen for a while and celebrate the Uhlir's new addition.