Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Big Snowstorm of 2009!

How appropriate that day after we had finished decorating for Christmas we got a very big snowstorm! I was super excited. I love snow and I love how it slows life down and makes you want to stay inside cuddled up drinking hot chocolate and watching movies. I love the beauty of the snow and how it rests on each branch and twig of every tree.Jasmine couldn't wait to get out in the snow and we were excited to let her play. We still had her 2T snowsuit and it still fit her even though it was a bit short. The only problem is that she didn't have any snow boots. We decided to wrap her feet in a couple of pairs of socks and then put plastic bags over the socks and then had her wear tennis shoes. She seemed fine with it even though after she came in her feet were pretty wet.Lorne spent a lot of time shoveling the snow out of the driveway even though as he would shovel the snow just kept accumulating. Preston loved the snow too.
I wanted to take Ava out in the snow but I couldn't because she didn't have anything really to wear and I didn't want her to catch cold or hate the experience. She stayed inside and watched the snow from the window.We ended up with 24 inches of snow and we just loved it!


John said...

That looks flippin' awesome!
One day...

Cindy said...

Comments a little late but... I am sooo jealous. Here we are sweating our guts out at christmas and trying to eat a roast bloody turkey for christmas. What we needed was some snow. Yeah baby!