Friday, October 31, 2008

All Hallows Eve

We didn't carve pumpkins this year - this is especially tragic since we have never skipped a carving since Lorne and I started dating 7 years ago. We tried to carve them the night before but no one could join us and we decided to go and visit my grandmother instead. We then thought we could do it during the day on Halloween but the day was so busy and hectic that it didn't happen. Oh well - there is always next year!
We began the evening with what has become a tradition in the last 3 years - diner with Team Trauger. They made an incredible spaghetti that really hit the spot and filled our tummies for the evening's activities. We then went out for an hour of trick or treating up and down our beloved Robertson Blvd. Natalia joined us and that was a welcome treat - we hope she comes again next year! Jasmine was especially excited to have Titi join her for trick or treating and it was so cute to see them together. I love family and I love that they live close. Jasmine got her pumpkin full of candy and we all headed back for the fiesta.We did have a very fun Halloween party on Halloween night after the kids came back from trick or treating. We decided that since Halloween was on a Friday night, we would celebrate it with whoever wanted to come and party with us. We had a nice turnout and had lots of activities for the kids and yummy food and conversation for the adults. I was so excited to have a lot of family there - Rory, Ryan, Casey and Roman, and Natalia were all there and we took a fun family picture.We set up the moon bounce in the front and also had a craft table with 2 Halloween crafts, a food tble with spooky Halloween treats such as Bruja-ja Punch, Goblin's dip with Bone crackers, a Pumpkin shaped cheeseball, Beer bread, Halloween sugar cookies and more, bobbing for Halloween rubber duckies, a Pumpkin ring toss, a Pumpkin bean bag toss, a Ghost Dartboard and spooky music. We also went all out in decorating the house and this was especially fun for Jasmine because she loves all the "spookily" decorations and loves to run around pretending she is scared.All in all it was a really great time and we look forward to next year when more of you can join us!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Visiting Abuela Meme

The night before Halloween, Jasmine again put on her costume and we went to Arlington as a family to visit Abuela Meme so she would have a chance to see Jasmine in costume. She was so surprised to see us and very thrilled. She gave Jasmine a book and some meringues as her treat for Halloween. Jasmine danced with Abuela Meme and spent some quality time with her. I feel so blessed that my daughter still has a great grandparent that she can form a close relationship with. It means a lot to me.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Prima!

My cousin had her golden birthday this year and so we wish her the happiest of birthdays! Happy Birthday Natalia! I was happy to be able to go downtown and take her out to lunch and enjoy an afternoon lunchtime chat. It was so nice to do it while Jasmine was in school and so we got some one on one time which is rare for us!Natalia, my birthday wish for you is that all your hopes and dreams come true and that your happiness grows this coming year. I love you and am so impressed with all you do and have always felt blessed to have you in my family. You are always there for me and I treasure the closeness we share. You are beautiful, funny, intelligent and independent. You have many qualities and talents that are so admired by many. We love you!

Preschool Halloween Parade

Jasmine's preschool has a yearly Halloween parade where all the classes march around the schoolyard wearing their Halloween costumes and the parents are invited to come and take pictures and cheer on the kids. Jasmine was really excited about it and was super hyper while I was putting on her costume. Kelleen made a very cute Raggedy Andy and I couldn't help snap a pic of her.After the kids marched around the schoolyard, they all assembled together and sang us some seasonal songs like Grey Squirrel, 2 Little Blackbirds, Scarecrow, and a Halloween one I don't remember.Jasmine insisted on posing with AJ, her current preschool boyfriend. He is a sweet boy and has amazing eyes!

Monday, October 27, 2008

More New Cakes

We have done some fun ones lately, nothing spectacular, but fun nonetheless. They are all quite different and so that is why we show them!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ward Trunk or Treat

I went away for the weekend to scrapbook with Cindy (I am getting closer to being done with Jasmine's first year scrapbook) and so Lorne was left with Jasmine and his folks to go to the annual ward Trunk or Treat without me.From what I understand, it was a great time and Jasmine looked super cute in her costume. Lorne took some pictures and I also got some in an e-mail from my friend Mary Ady. Jasmine didn't get too much candy, which I was happy about since I knew she would be getting more during trick or treating. Lorne however, didn't give out all the candy we bought so now we have leftovers, which neither of us needs...sigh...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hillwood Museum

Marcia told me about a treasure I had yet to discover in Washington DC called the Hillwood Museum, which was the estate that belonged to Marjorie Merriweather Post, the heiress of the Post company. Her father invented Postum. Anyhow, she was a serious collector of French and Russian art and artifacts and made her home into a museum to display all that she had collected through the years. When she dies, the house was willed to be a museum where the public could come and admire her treasures. And what treasures she collected! It blew my mind as I tried to conceive of how much money this woman must have spent and what the collection is worth now. If you ever have some time, I highly recommend visiting the Hillwood.The gardens are amazing, and the orchids growing in the greenhouse are fantastic. They also have a little cafe on the estate where you can eat lunch and the food was delicious and reasonably priced. There is a Dacha on the grounds (a Russian holiday home) where they have visiting exhibits and a Visitor's Center where you can watch a film about Ms. Post and buy some things at the souvenir shop.Lorne's parents had a great time there as they are history buffs and enjoy these types of places. I was lucky enough to go while Jasmine was in school so I didn't have to watch her so she wouldn't touch or break anything. I have decided there are places out there that just aren't appropriate for young children and The Hillwood is one of them. Next time any of you out of towners visit, I will have to take you to the Hillwood!