Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mary & Chloe have an Easter Egg Hunt

The weekend before Easter, Mary invited us to an Easter Egg Hunt in her backyard. Since we hadn't had a chance to think about one we decided this would be great for Jasmine to go to. Also, it was a great time to see my friend.
It was such a fun time - our friend Liz was there painting bunny faces on all the kids - I thought Jasmine looked especially cute with her bunny face!Chloe and Jasmine have been great friends and I had fun watching them run around the yard together. When it was time for the hunt, the kids went wild and found all kinds of eggs and goodies that had been hidden in the backyard.It was over in like 5 minutes flat! The it was time for treats. Mary had made some cute cupcakes and there were drinks and other snacks too. The kids had fun playing together in the backyard while the adults chatted away. It was such a fun way to spend the afternoon and we sure love Mary her daughter Chloe.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tia Laura comes for a Short Visit

We always love it when Tia Laura comes for a visit - even if it is a short one. She came down for the weekend and we just hung out and one night we went out for dinner (at Red Lobster in case you were wondering). I caught a couple of cute pictures when she was reading a book to Jasmine in the backseat and a few at dinner too! We sure do love her and always want her to come and see us!

Eleana turns 2!

We were excited to attend Eleana's second birthday. We have known her since she was born and we always have fun when we see her. She is such a beautiful little girl. The party was fun - Jasmine made a poodle craft, we ate (of course) and we watched Eleana open the gift we brought her. We are so happy to know and have this little girl and her parents as our friends! We can't wait until next year to celebrate her turning 3!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Chrissy's Surprise Birthday Party

When we heard our friend Chrissy was going to be celebrating her 40th birthday - I wondered what kind of great party they would have. Little did Chrissy know that her husband planned an amazing surprise birthday party for her and pulled it off without her knowing anything about it.
The party was held at the Sunset Room at National Harbor and it was a great and gorgeous venue. He commissioned me to make the cake and I designed something I thought spoke to Chrissy's personality. We got there early to make sure the cake was set up and there were no mishaps.
The room looked gorgeous and the food divine and there were an impressive amount of people there. Chrissy is so loved and you could tell by the great turnout for her party.
The plan was that Chrissy went out with a couple of her girlfriends for dinner at a restaurant just below the room the party was in. It was planned that the friend that gave her the ride would receive a call that her son was sick and she needed to come home, thus making it so they all had to leave together. We all waited on the balcony and when she walked out of the restaurant, we all yelled SURPRISE!! When she looked up, she was so surprised t see all her friends looking down at her!
She came up and the real party started. We ate, we danced, we hugged, we celebrated and had a great time. It was truly a fun night and many of our own friends were there too and we had fun dancing with them. The Traugers were especially cute on the dance floor. At the end of the evening, Chrissy and Adam sang everyone a song and gave a little speech. It was a night to remember.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Meat Man

Work is a pretty funny place and sometimes really funny people walk through the doors. On this day, an interesting character walked through the door offering me the meat deal of a lifetime. He had one of those freezer trucks and his job was to go around selling boxes of meat and he said he was at the end of his day and had only a little left and wanted to offer it all to me for a great deal. He asked if I wanted to take a look. Not knowing what that would mean I said sure - I could always go for cheap meat.
I had no idea that he would bring in all that he had left in his car and display it on the floor of the bakery. It was such a funny sight to see all this meat, I took a picture of it. He offered all the meat to me for $400 and while this would have been a great deal, I wasn't prepared to spend that kind of money on meat that day so I took $200 worth.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bedtime Rituals

Going to bed every night is a cute ritual and so one night I took some photos. If Ava isn't quite ready for bed, she'll stand in her crib and play with whoever will give her attention. We know she's ready for bed when she doesn't get up when we lay her down.This night, we were bathing Jasmine and Ava could hear what was going on so she caused such a fuss we got her out of her crib to be part of the action. It was cute watching her interact with Jasmine and having fun while her sister was in the bath. So here is a little glimpse into a normal night at the Campbell casa.

Ava's Photo Shoot

In preparation for Ava's first birthday party, I did a little photo shoot with her to get the perfect picture for her invitation. This kid is so cute, it was hard to choose but we got some great shots - take a look!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cake Class with Carrie Biggars

Carrie Biggars is a famous cake artists who lives in Utah and was in town for the NCACS and she was offering a class at Norm's shop The Sweet Life and I signed up to take the class. I was so excited to meet her and learn from her - she really has developed some great cake techniques that she showed us in the class. I loved this class because there were only 2 students in the class, Norm and Carrie and so it was a very relaxed atmosphere. In this class I learned the chocolate inlay and a cool box technique.
I love being in this profession because it isn't difficult to rub elbows with the best of the best - the cake artists are so accessible and willing to teach and help you. I had a great time at the class and a great time getting to know Carrie and Norm even better.