Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween has been very fun for everyone, especially Jasmine. She really understood what was going on this year and it has been so fun to watch her excitment. It makes decorating the house more fun and also engaging in all the activities too.Jasmine got to wear her costume on 4 different occassions this year and she loved every minute of it. Yesterday she wore her costume for the first time to preschool for her class Halloween party. She woke up ready and excited and she didn't dissapoint. She was the cutest thing you have ever seen! She was the cutest in the class (and not only because she is my daughter, several other mothers confirmed it!). I made some Halloween decorated sugar cookies and the class loved them. Jasmine also ate her fill of cheese and crackers, candy, fruit and more during her party. She came home with a sparkly constrcution paper bat and a rubber mummy on her finger and super happy.
Last night we went to the church for the annual trunk or treating and we invited Kellen and girls (Kirsten & Marin) to go with us. They played some games and then collected free candy in the parking lot going trunk to trunk. Jasmine really got into the candy and at the end of the night, all 3 girls sat in Kelleen's trunk to enjoy some chocolate. It was a cute sight to see.
This morning we got up and I dressed Jasmine in her costume once again to pay a surprise visit to Abuela Meme. Jasmine was excited to see her and Abuela Meme was delighted that we came by. We had a great visit and we also dropped off some cookies! On our way home, we stopped by Safeway to pick up a few things for dinner and she was still wearing her costume so she scored some candy from the checkout guy! Boy was she excited. She was saying trick or treat and happy halloween all over the place!Tonight, we had the Trauger team (Kelleen, Kirsten & Marin) over for dinner and then set out together for some trick-or-treating. The girls were jumping at the bit to go and Jasmine really got into it. She tried to get as much candy as she could at every door we went to. She also began proudly announcing, "I'm a Raggedy Ann!" to everyone who asked her who she was. Lorne stayed behind to pass out candy and all in all (except for rude speeding cars in the neighborhood) it was a fantastic Halloween! Hope all of you had as good of a Halloween as we did!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

6th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party

Sunday night we held our 6th annual Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza. As you can see, this is a Campbell yearly tradition. It began when Lorne and I were dating and Lorne had never carved a pumpkin so we had a friendly competition against each other and Lorne won (he was also the judge!). Each year thereafter we began including more people and for the past 3-4 years we have had a healthy crowd at our house and our friend have told us that they look forward to this party every year.

The crowd outside admiring their work!

This year we had a great crowd of pumpkin carvers and everyone's pumpkins looked amazing! We gave out some prize ribbons this year and here is the list of winners:

  • Coolest pumpkin - Dan Maher (my dad) for a classic scary jack-o-lantern

  • Scariest Pumpkin - Lorne Campbell with the skull head (I might also add that he was very ambitious and carved 3 different designs into his pumpkin - impressive)

  • Creepiest Pumpkin - Jeff Child for his creepy alien pumpkin

  • Most Humorous Pumpkin - Kevin Zarcone for his Calvin & Hobbes pumpkin

  • Most Original - Shelly Astle for her Bats and Stalagmites pumpkin which she designed herself

  • Best in Show - Matt Astle for his Happy Halloween tree pumpkin which he also drew and designed himself
All the pumpkins came out extraordinarily well and honorable mentions go to the following:

  • Susan Maher (my mom) for her Happy Ghost with Candelabra pumpkin

  • Jill Child for her Happy Bat pumpkin

  • Cindy Zarcone for her night sky with jewels pumpkin

  • Marcia Crandall for her goofy bat pumpkin

  • Sabrina Campbell for her witch behind a cauldron pumpkin
The food was great, the kids were cute, the pumpkins amazing and the whole shebang was a good time - those of you who didn't make it out this year, there is always next year!

Lorne made some amazing toffee apples and caramel apples - aren't they beautiful?

Jasmine got in on the fun with her little pumpkin - we will carve it tomorrow!

Mine & Lorne's pumpkins

Busy Weekend

This past weekend was busy for us - we had a lot of fun things to do! On Saturday, I got to spend the afternoon with my Cindy having lunch and doing a little shopping. I found some great new boots and a nice sweater and some clothes for Jasmine. The shopping was insane, there were so many people I felt clausterphobic - but I had fun getting to spend some much needed one on one time with Cindy.

In the evening we went to Natalia's birthday party. I made her a cake as our gift to her and the 3 of us went and had a nice time eating and talking and of course Jasmine was the star of the show. She was doing all of her football referree tricks (the guys loved that) while watching football and they were teaching her to make the Texas Steer sign (these guys were Texas fans). She enchanted everyone and really relished all the attention she got. It was great to see Natalia and celebrate her birthday with her.

Daddy & Jasmine watch the cake cutting

Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Natalia!

On this day, October 29, in...
529 BC - The international day of Cyrus the Great, king of Persia, who declared the first charter of human rights in the world also known as Cyrus Cylinder.
437 - Valentinian III, Western Roman Emperor, marries Licinia Eudoxia, daughter of his cousin Theodosius II, Eastern Roman Emperor in Constantinople. This unifies the two branches of the House of Theodosius
969 - Byzantine troops occupy Antioch Syria
1268 - Conradin, the last legitimate male heir of the Hohenstaufen dynasty of Kings of Germany and Holy Roman Emperors, is executed along with his companion Frederick I, Margrave of Baden by Charles I of Sicily, a political rival and ally to the hostile Roman Catholic church.
1390 - First trial for witchcraft in Paris.
1422 - Charles VII of France becomes king in succession to his father Charles VI of France
1467 - Battle of Brusthem: Charles the Bold defeats Liege
1618 - English adventurer, writer, and courtier Sir Walter Raleigh is beheaded for allegedly conspiring against James I of England.
1658 - Action of 29 October 1658 (Naval battle)
1665 - Battle of Ambuila.
1675 - Leibniz makes the first use of the long s, ∫, for integral.
1787 - Mozart's opera Don Giovanni receives its first performance in Prague.
1792 - Mount Hood (Oregon) is named after the British naval officer Alexander Arthur Hood by Lt. William E. Broughton who spotted the mountain near the mouth of the Willamette River.
1859 - Spain declares war on Morocco.
1863 - Sixteen countries meeting in Geneva agree to form the International Red Cross.
1863 -
American Civil War: Battle of Wauhatchie - Forces under Union General Ulysses S. Grant ward off a Confederate attack led by General James Longstreet. Union forces thus open a supply line into Chattanooga, Tennessee.
1881 - The Judge (US magazine) first published.
1886 - The ticker-tape parade is invented in New York City when office workers spontaneously throw ticker tape into the streets as the Statue of Liberty is dedicated.
1901 - In Amherst, Massachusetts nurse Jane Toppan is arrested for murdering the Davis family of Boston with an overdose of morphine.
1901 -
Capital punishment: Leon Czolgosz, the assassin of US President William McKinley, is executed by electrocution.
1913 - Floods in El Salvador kill thousands.
1921 - The Link River Dam, a part of the Klamath Reclamation Project, is completed.
1921 - Second trial of
Sacco and Vanzetti in USA.
1921 - The
Harvard University football team loses to Centre College, ending a 25 game winning streak. This is considered one of the biggest upsets in college football.
1922 - The King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel III, appoints Benito Mussolini as Prime Minister.
1923 - Turkey becomes a republic following the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.
1929 - The New York Stock Exchange crashes in what will be called the Crash of '29 or "Black Tuesday," ending the Great Bull Market of the 1920s and beginning the Great Depression.
1942 - Holocaust: In the United Kingdom, leading clergymen and political figures hold a public meeting to register outrage over Nazi Germany's persecution of Jews.
1944 - Breda in the Netherlands is liberated by 1st Polish Armoured Division
1945 - Getulio Vargas, president of Brazil, resigns.
1948 - Safsaf massacre
1955 - The Soviet battleship Novorossiisk strikes a World War II mine in the harbor at Sevastopol.
1956 - Suez Crisis begins: Israel forces invade the Sinai Peninsula and push Egyptian forces back toward the Suez Canal.
1956 - Tangier Protocol signed: The international city
Tangier is reintegrated into Morocco.
1957 - Israel's prime minister David Ben Gurion and five of his ministers are injured as a hand grenade is tossed into Israel's parliament, the Knesset.
1960 - In Louisville, Kentucky, Cassius Clay (who later takes the name Muhammad Ali) wins his first professional fight.
1961 - Syria exits from the United Arab Republic.
1964 - Tanganika and Zanzibar join to form the Republic of Tanzania.
1964 - A collection of irreplaceable
gems, including the 565 carat (113 g) Star of India, is stolen by a group of thieves including Jack Murphy from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
1967 - London criminal Jack McVitie is murdered by the Kray twins, leading to their eventual imprisonment and downfall.
1969 - The first-ever computer-to-computer link is established on ARPANET, the precursor to the Internet.
1971 - Vietnam War: Vietnamization - The total number of American troops still in Vietnam drops to a record low of 196,700 (the lowest level since January 1966).
1979 - Natalia Barolin is BORN!
1980 - Demonstration flight of a secretly modified C-130 for an Iran hostage crisis rescue attempt ends in crash landing at Eglin Air Force Base's Duke Field, Florida leading to cancellation of Operation Credible Sport.
1983 - An earthquake in Turkey kills 1,300.
1985 - Major General Samuel K. Doe is announced the winner of the first multiparty election in Liberia.
1986 - British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher opens the last stretch of the M25 motorway.
1988 - Pakistan's General Rahimuddin Khan resigns from his post as Governor of Sindh, following the efforts by President of Pakistan Ghulam Ishaq Khan to limit the powers Rahimuddin had accumulated.
1989 - After years of delays, the 63rd Street Tunnel opens for service, the first expansion of the New York City subway system since 1967.
1991 - The American Galileo spacecraft makes its closest approach to 951 Gaspra, becoming the first probe to visit an asteroid.
1994 - Francisco Martin Duran fires over two dozen shots at the White House (Duran was later convicted of trying to kill US President Bill Clinton).
1998 - Apartheid: In South Africa, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission presents its report, which condemns both sides for committing atrocities.
1998 -
Space Shuttle Discovery blasts off on STS-95 with 77-year old John Glenn on board, making him the oldest person to go into space. He became the first American to orbit Earth on February 20, 1962.
1998 - While en route from
Adana to Ankara, a Turkish Airlines flight with a crew of 6 and 33 passengers is hijacked by a Kurdish militant who orders the pilot to fly to Switzerland. The plane instead lands in Ankara after the pilot tricked the hijacker into thinking that he was landing in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia to refuel.
1998 -
Hurricane Mitch, the second deadliest Atlantic hurricane in history, made landfall in Honduras.
2002 - Ho Chi Minh City ITC Inferno, a fire destroys a luxurious department store with 1500 people shopping. Over 60 people died and over 100 are missing. It is the deadliest disaster in Vietnam during peacetime.
2004 - The Arabic news network Al Jazeera broadcasts an excerpt from a video of Osama bin Laden in which the terrorist leader first admits direct responsibility for the September 11, 2001 attacks and references the 2004 U.S. presidential election.
2004 - In
Rome, European heads of state sign the Treaty and Final Act establishing the first European Constitution.
2005 - 29 October 2005 Delhi bombings kill more than 60.
2005 -
Ghana International Airlines launched with inaugural flight from Accra to London.
2007 - Argentina elects its first female president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

She took a bow

Our little Ham!

Jasmine and I took a field trip today to Allside. This company is working with our contractor to install new windows, shutters and doors on our house before it gets too cold and we had to go there to pick it all out. I was a little concerned with how Jasmine would behave, but she did amazingly well, I never had to yell or call her away from destruction. She was an angel.

She decided she wanted to do a little singing concert for the guys at Allside. Since it has been raining here the past few days, she learned the song "It's Raining, It's Pouring" from preschool yesterday. She started singing and her sweet little voice echoed in the large room. The man helping us stopped what he was doing to listen and so did the rest of us. When she was done, we all clapped for her and she was beaming. Then, she did a wonderful rendition of "My Grandfather's clock" which Lorne taught her (I had never heard this song until a month ago) and again when she was done, we all clapped. She looked at us and gave a HUGE bow and then turned on her heel and walked away. It was absolutely precious and the guy said, "I can't believe she just took a bow, she's 2 right?"

The other cute thing she did was also last night. Many of you know that I sing with the Mormon Choir of Washington and we rehearse on Thursday nights. As Lorne travels so much for his job, I have a weekly deal with Kelleen, my dearest friend and neighbor, that she takes Jasmine for the evening and when I get back, I pick her up. Well, I think Jasmine has gotten used to this and now even expects it. Of course they do things like have yummy dinner (Domino's pizza last night) and have dance parties (to the Wiggles and Hannah Montana). So, when I pulled into the driveway of Kelleen's house last night, Jasmine looked up enthusiastically and said, "Mommy, it's Kelleen time!" Too funny!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Advertising and Toddlers

So every few weeks, I take Jasmine to McDonalds for a happy meal treat - usually after one of her school days! (I don't want to hear about what a bad mom I am - she normally eats very healthy!) She has known for a while that when she sees those golden arches, it means one thing, fries. She will point to it when we are driving down the road and say, Mommy, I want fries." She also actually had a fit in our local Walmart a few months back because there is a McDonalds inside it and she screamed she wanted fries and I said no.

Well, in the past month, the few times I have taken her, she now knows how to order her own meal. She will clearly say as we are in line at the drivethrough - "Mommy, I want fries, cheesburger and leche, and a Diet Coke". The first time she said this I started laughing, because I always order the Diet Coke for myself and I won't share it with her. But now, she knows if we go there that Mommy is getting a Diet Coke.

Back at good old George Washington University in one of my electronic media classes, we were talking about how very small children can spot branding and know products. Well, since Jasmine has clearly known what McDonalds means for about 9 months, I can honestly say that is true. She recognizes other brands too and it is scary to see advertising working on kids at such a young age.

Monday, October 22, 2007

This past week in cake!

Along with the Primary program this weekend (read below post) - I also had 2 large cake orders to complete and 120 mini cupcakes for the kids and a small 6 inch cake as well! It was a very busy weekend for Occasionally Cake. We are very proud of the 2 large cakes we made so I will post here for all to see - go ahead and let us know what you think!
Teapot cake for a girl turning 9 years old!

Cake for a baby's baptism

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thank Goodness it's Over!

As many of you are already aware, I am in the Primary Presidency at church and was assigned to write the Primary program this year. Every year, the kids put on a program during the main sacrament meeting for their parents that shares with them all they have learned that year with the central theme of the year. This is done with a script and music. I love writing these kinds of things and felt I had a great program written.
Friday night we had a dress rehearsal in the chapel and it was disastrous! The kids were terribly behaved, the program went a lot longer than it was supposed to go and I had a huge headache when it was over and I felt a sense of doom and dread for today when the program would be performed. Mind you, this is a 40 minute program which is no easy task to coordinate! This year's theme was I'll Follow Him in Faith.
Well, today came and I rushed around to get ready and got to church early to help get the kids situated and ready. The program went without a hitch. It was beautiful, the kids did an AMAZING job and the Spirit was very strong. I was so touched that several times during the program I had tears streaming down my face. I knew that the Savior was near, I knew that Heavenly Father was pleased with the children and with me. It was a very sweet feeling.
We let the children have a relaxing Sunday, I made cupcakes and brought them and they had treats and watched a church video. I love being with the children every Sunday. I love them all very much and seeing them performing today made me so proud - I felt as proud as if they were my own children!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Getting Tall

Today I took the opportunity to clean Jasmin'e room and take out all the clothes that are too small and out of season. There were quite a few things in her drawers that certainly don't fit anymore. It is just amazing to me how much she has grown lately. She seems to be having a growth spurt recently where I have had to buy her a whole bunch of new clothes. We love that she is growing and is happy and well-adjusted. With each new bit of growth her vocabulary expands and sometimes I see a glimpse of a future moody teenager. She said today after getting upset, "Mommy, I just don't care" and walked away shutting herself in the bathroom!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jasmine picks her own pumpkin

Here is vidoe footage of Jasmine picking her own pumpkin at the patch - she really enjoyed finding the pumpkin and showing it off. Since we have brought it home we find the pumpkin in the strangest places. I have found it in the middle of the hallway and in the bathroom! Jasmine just loves to pick it up and carry it all over!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

So yesterday, we joined with some of our dearest friends and went to Frederick to a farm/pumpkin patch called Jumbo's. Cindy suggested that us, the Childs, and the Astles join them there for some pumpkin picking fun. As we Campbells have a pumpkin carving party every year, we thought it would be great to actually go out to the pumpkin fields and pick our pumpkin victim! They also had other fun activities for kids. They had a few baby animals that the kids could look at and pet through the fence, among them a calf, billy goats, baby pigs, and sheep. They had pony rides and hay rides and a corn maze.

We decided to give Jasmine another chance on a pony and she absolutely loved it. Her friends Ellie Astle and Ryan Child also had a go and it was a great success. For those of you who read the story about the last time Jasmine rode a pony (the 4th of July) and had a tantrum, we are happy to report that this time, when it was over she was OK. No fits of crying, no stomping of feet.
We found 3 pumpkins in the field and brought them home, one for me, one for Lorne and a small one for Jasmine. She carried her pumpkin all around and even helped pick it off the vine. She loved walking through the pumpkin vines and pointing out all the pumpkins. She also loved the hayride. It was so fun to watch her run around and enjoy everything. I am telling you, kids make everything better!
We went out to lunch afterwards and the food wasn't great but the company was so nice! We really enjoyed spending time with people we love and value as friends.
Mommy & Jas in the middle of the patch!

The whole fam on the hayride

Jasmine, Daddy and a bee sized pumpkin!

Look at the perfect flowing hair!

Daddy & Jasmine

The whole group minus me - I got cut out by the idiot that took the picture!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cakes from this week

So I have to toot my own horn and say that we made some amazing cakes this week and business is booming! We are so excited that we are heading into the next phase of business, the location! We have selected a location and everything seems in order so far. We only need to fill in some financials and send a letter of intent and then we will be able to do the next steps! I have been busily pricing equipment, writing marketing materials, taking all the photos for the webpage, etc. There is a lways a lot to do when you own your own business. I made a cake for my aunt for her birthday and also a bridal shower cake and 5 dozen wedding type cupcakes for an engagement party (which I never had!). Not to mention, we made our normal 6 dozen cupcakes we have to make every week!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mom, What's that sound?

This is Jasmine's favorite question these days. Her eyes get big and out comes the question and I patiently try to answer all her sound questions. If she would have asked me that question last night at around 8:45 PM I would have told her that sound was Mommy's disbelief at falling for the oldest trick in the book. The problem was that since my child is only 2 years old, I wasn't expecting to have to look out for it until she was at least 4 years old.

Let me paint the picture for you. Jasmine was having a late dinner because she has not been feeling well and she had woken up late in the morning which started the whole day being behind schedule. She didn't get dinner until around 8 PM. Lately, Jasmine has been taking a very long tine to eat and I simply cannot sit there for 45 minutes and watch her eat. I have started doing other chores while she eats and last night was no exception. I told her when she sat down that if she ate all of her food I would give her an icy pole (freezer pop). She got very excited. I need to preface this by saying that I never make child eat everything on her plate if she doesn't want it but she has to at least give it a good showing. I figured though as she was eating one of her favorite meals and she hadn't eaten lunch (she didn't want to) that she would be hungry and this would not be a problem. I checked on her periodically and she was very slow going so I kept reminding her. I told her she had to eat the hot dog and the cheese (she had already polished off the green beans) before dessert. She called to me after sitting there for 40 minutes and declared she was All Done! I looked at the empty plate and cheered for her and clapped my hands. I gave her a red freezer pop and continued finishing the task I was doing. 5 minutes later, she called to me to please come and wipe up some milk she spilled and I noticed she was done with her dessert and that somehow mysteriously, there were hot dog pieces and cheese pieces back on her plate. I took a quick scan and realized I had been had. She had taken the hot dog pieces and cheese pieces and put them in the side mesh pocket of her chair and when she was done with her dessert, she took them back out.
Needless to say I was not happy, but I didn't lose control. I told her she would sit there until every piece of hot dog and every piece of cheese was eaten. She sat there until almost 10 PM but she finally finished. I felt terrible, guilty and sad but I had to let her know that it was wrong what she did and let her know that would not fly with me.
I simply cannot believe how clever she was and it is a bit scary that she is thinking in such an advanced fashion at such a young age. I better keep on my toes because who knows what other things I will be tricked on!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

One Sick Bee

Our little one has gotten her first illness for the season - hopefully her only one as she is normally NEVER sick. She has been sick all weekend, coughing and generally feeling lousy as far as we can tell. She had a fever all weekend, the highest at 102 degrees. I cuddled her to sleep in the rocking chair last night which is something I never do but when a little girl is sick, she needs her mommy! I hate it when I can see she doesn't feel well, but the one nice thing about it is that she gets very cuddly and loving and allows us to really show her affection. Hopefully she will be right as rain in the next few days and here's to hoping I don't come down with it!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Picture Day

Jasmine had her first school picture day yesterday and did not dissapoint on her looks! She is growing into such a beautiful girl and everyone told me how pretty she looked and one of the moms was there when she had her picture taken (I was not there) and said that Jasmine smiled beautifully. I had written on the comments of the form that if the photographer sang fun songs to her they would get a nice smile and apparently, that is what they did. I took a few pictures of my own before heading off to school and here was the little outfit we bought for her!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Friendly Affair!

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!
Folks in this video include Natalia Barolin (my cousin), Cindy Zarcone, Jasmine Bee, and Jill as well as your truly! Enjoy! I am having too much fun with this!

When will we be ready?

Potty training has been a slow ongoing process, we have tried to ease Jasmine into it so that she doesn't get scarred from it and make it worse for us. I let her come into the bathroom when I go and she did ask to go to the potty once last week, but I think it was only to play with her potty toy since she didn't use the toilet. What happened today was a reflection of all my efforts thus far. I had gone to Target to get some prescriptions and other things we needed and all of a sudden I had to go to the bathroom. I made a beeline for the restroom and of course brought Jasmine in with me. I had her stand there and I did my business. As soon as she realized I was done, she clapped her hands and smiled and said, "Good job Mommy, Muy Bien!!" followed by, "Let me see Mommy, let me see!" I let her see and then flushed and as I flushed she waved at the potty and said, "Bye caca, byebye". Sigh...if only the roles would have been reversed today!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jasmine Cutieisms

So, I have some fun Jasmine stories that have happened recently and because I wanted to keep all of the Germany posts together, I waited until now to share.

Last Wednesday, Jasmine asked to go have her nap time early because she wanted to but as it was only noon I said no, it was too early. I fed her lunch at 12:30 PM and she was happily eating so I stepped away for a bit to check the computer. I knew she had to finish her hot dog and cheese so I yelled into the kitchen, "Jasmine, you know you have to finish your hot dog and cheese before you get strawberries" and I didn't hear a thing. I got up to inspect what was going on and she had fallen asleep at the table. It was so cute and definitely a first. I took pictures and also called Lorne up from the basement to see. We had a chuckle over that!

Jasmine decided to throw a temper tantrum and laid on the office floor and cried and kicked her legs and Lorne and I decided to let her get over it. She finally got up and was whimpering and Lorne turned to her and said, "Aww sweetie, come give Daddy a kiss." and she replied with a sniffle, "No thanks, I'm too sad." I almost fell out of my chair it was so funny because if you could hear the seriousness in her voice when she said it, it was something you can't describe!

We were out having lunch and usually Jasmine likes to try my food. I thought I would offer for her to try it before she began demanding I give it to her so I asked her, "Jasmine, would you like to try Mommy's food?" She looked and me and said with a really earnest face, "No, sweetie."

She has begun noticing that Mommy & Daddy call each other different names, pet names if you wish. She will open the door to the basement when Lorne is working down there and yells loudly, "Babe! Babe! Where are you?"

We bought her a little baby doll on Saturday that cried when you take the pacifier out of her mouth and comes with a little pretend milk bottle and other baby accessories. She has taken to being very diligent with her baby and will feed it every 2 minutes or so and will pull out the pacifier so the baby starts crying and then will loudly announce, "Mommy, Look! she's crying". It is funny because she does this fully knowing the baby doll will cry so it makes it funny that she does it on purpose. Sunday afternoon during one of her feeding frenzies with the doll, she put the bottle to the baby's mouth and said in an exasperated voice, "Geez lady, eat something! Go to sleep" and she made a loud sigh and walked away. I couldn't help but giggle in amazement.

As I was working at the computer the other day, out of the blue, Jasmine walks up and exclaims with her arms outstretched, "Mommy, I CAN'T believe it!" When I asked her what she couldn't believe she looked at me and walked away as if I was so dumb I didn't get it.

Hello October - Dance for Joy!

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!
Thought this was funny! Don't we look great?