Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heading Home

We stayed a half day at the beach on our last day so Lorne could do a few work calls and such and we headed off to the amusement park on the boardwalk again. Ava stayed behind to nap. Jasmine had a ball on the rides and she is so brave. She rode the sea dragon and super enjoyed it.As we headed home, we saw this amazing looking produce market and so we stopped. They had amazing wooden structures for kids to play on so we let Jasmine run around while we looked at the produce. We bought some beautiful corn that later when we roasted it up, was some of the most amazing tasting corn I had ever had.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Day at the Beach

The day after Travis and Mary's wedding, we decided we were going to spend some time on the beach. Lorne had to work for part of the day so in the morning after breakfast, we headed off to the beach to give him some peace and quiet.We have been having quite the heat wave here on the East coast and it was a super hot day. It was nice enough to swim in Atlantic waters - and that is rare this far north.
We rented a beach umbrella and played for a while. Jasmine was terrified of the water even when we promised to keep her safe. She wouldn't put more than her feet in the water. Ava on the other hand, was fearless. She loved having the waves wash up on her legs and she giggled every time a wave came.After a few hours, we headed back to the hotel and ate lunch and waited for Lorne to be able to come out and play. He came out with us again to the beach that afternoon and we had a great time.Unfortunately, after an hour of beach play, a storm rolled in and they cleared the beach because there was lightning. We decided to stroll the boardwalk and see what there was to see. We found some amazing gelato, a great candy store stocked with delicious fudge and a little amusement park.We let the girls ride a few rides and we played a few games and by that time it was time to find dinner. We found a restaurant called the Rusty Rudder so we ate there - in keeping with the whole beach theme!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mary & Travis Get Married! Rehoboth Beach

After many many years, it was finally the day when Mary & Travis were going to make it official and get married! We were so excited to go to the wedding and we also took the opportunity to make it a three day vacation together since we had to travel to Rehoboth beach.
Our first stop was to go to the hotel to deliver the cake - I was so honored that they wanted me to make the cake. I love how it turned out and I think they were happy too.Later, after getting changed and ready, we went out onto the beach for the ceremony. It was very beautiful and the weather was nice. Mary looked amazing and Travis looked very dapper. The waves were a bit loud and I didn't hear much of the ceremony but it still looked beautiful.Then, it was time to party! They had their reception on the top floor restaurant (Salero) of the Henelopen Hotel right on the beach so the view of the beach was incredible and the place was very nice.They named all of their tables beach names so when we found our place card, we were assigned to a beach. We were seated at Long Beach Island. I must also add that Mary made all of the vases at the tables and they were given away at the end of the night through a game I was super disappointed that I didn't win one.Jasmine had a great time and even fell asleep at the end of the night. Ava did fairly well but got fussy at the end. It was a long day but so worth it to see our good friends get married. Congratulations Mary & Travis!