Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Tea at the Preschool

I received an invitation from my gorgeous Jasmine to attend a Mother's Day tea at her school in her classroom for the day after Mother's Day. I was excited to go and spend some time with her in her classroom.
Ms. Rita, her teacher, had the kids do an art project where they drew a picture of their moms and then answered a questionnaire about their moms. I thought the picture she drew of me was funny (see below). I laughed when the one Jasmine did about me was read out loud. Here are the questions....the answers Jasmine gave are in red.

My Mommy is 3 years old.
Her favorite color is red.
She always tells me not to hit, push or pick up mulch.
She likes to make cookies, corn, and roast beef.
My Mommy works on the computer all day.

After all the projects were read out loud and the moms had had a good chuckle, the kids lined up and sang us a couple of cute songs they had learned for Mother's Day. Jasmine, as usual, was the loudest one and bowed at the end of the performance. Sometimes she can be such a ham!They had a nice little spread of food for us to eat at the end and a little plant with a heart shaped pin to give us as we walked out. It was really a lovely time and I was so impressed that the teachers took so much time to do something nice to honor us mothers. I felt special.