Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 5 - Office, Aquarium and Uhlirs...

Laura had to leave on an early flight to a family commitment on our last full day in Boston so I decided to find something fun for us to do. Lorne of course had to work again but this time we dropped him off and took the girls in so they could see where Daddy works when he isn't at home and so his co-workers could meet the girls as well.Jasmine was super excited to meet everyone and sit at Daddy's desk and work with him a bit. All the people in the office were super nice to us and we only stayed 15 minutes as we were headed into downtown to visit the aquarium.It was a chilly rainy day, which made visiting the aquarium a great idea - but standing in line to get tickets a bad idea! Once we got inside, the first thing we saw was an amazing display of penguins. They were so cute and Jasmine had a ball watching them swim and walk around on their rocks. They were at the center of the aquarium so we saw them frequently throughout our time there.We also saw many aquariums with different types of fish and sea life - it was great to see how into it Jasmine was- she loved seeing all the different kinds of fish and asked me to tell her what kind they all were - thank goodness for good signage above all the different aquariums! She especially liked the clown fish (Nemo) and the jellyfish and sea dragons.In the center of the building is a HUGE cylindrical salt water aquarium that extends all the way up the building that has large sea life - sharks, sea turtles, and tuna, just to name a few. They have a ramp going up that you can walk up and get really close to the fish. We spent time walking slowly up and pausing every so often to get a good look at the fish and turtles swimming by. Jasmine especially like to pretend she was afraid of the shark and we played fun games together pretending to be afraid.At the top, they have a section where the kids can pick up and touch different sea creatures like starfish and some shelled creatures. Jasmine wouldn't touch the starfish, even when I picked it up for her. I am not sure why she was scared to touch it, since she touches all kinds of other animals, but she did touch a shell later.I also decided Jasmine was old enough to enjoy and Imax film and so I bought tickets to an under the sea one with Jim Carrey as the narrator. It was fun to watch her try and grab at the fish as they seemed to swim toward us with our 3D glasses on.Poor Ava probably didn't get much out of it but she was there and slept a lot.After we were done with the aquarium, we drove out to pick up Daddy from work and then headed off to our friends The Uhlir's house for dinner. Nik Uhlir and I went to high school together and he and his wife used to live here in Virginia and we used to do lots of things together. They moved to Boston more than a year ago and recently had their first baby, Nik Jr. about a month before Ava was born. It was nice to visit their home and see them again and met little Nik Jr. Dinner was good and the company was better. We had a great last night in Boston.