Monday, May 18, 2009

Ava's Blessing

We blessed our newest little one the Sunday after Mother's Day and the last full day that Grandfather was in town to be sure that both grandfathers were in the blessing circle. We also invited our family and dearest friends to join us. It was nice to be able to make an event out of it, which was something we couldn't do for Jasmine as much since she was blessed on the same day as Cindy & Kevin's wedding day so after Sacrament meeting, we rushed off to Maryland for that event.
It seemed that half the congregation were people we invited and so it looked very full that day to me. Here is a list of the people that joined us for that special day:

My parents
Lorne's Father
Ryan & Roman Ricks
My uncle Robert and Aunt Susana
My grandmother
The Astle Family
The Heiner Family
The Day Family
Justin & Diana McCune
Marcia Crandall
The Tabaka Family
The Zarcone Family
Darelyn Peterson
The Trauger Family
Mary Ady & her daughter Chloe

It was a magical blessing and meeting. I felt the Spirit strongly when those men we invited to join in the blessing circle held my little baby in their arms and rocked her while her father gave the most beautiful blessing. Her full name, Ava Rosemary Campbell was presented to Heavenly Father and then she was given a blessing. She was blessed with understanding and knowledge, to be born into a family with great faith, knowing she was with Heavenly Father before she was born as a princess and an heir to wonderful rights and honors, blessed to be a good listener and to have the ability to seek out a righteous man to take her to the temple and create her own eternal family unit. She was told to stay close to Heavenly Father through trials and that she would be close to good friends and people who love and support her.After the blessing, it was also a fast and testimony meeting and so Lorne and I both bore our testimonies. I talked about the experience we had had the day before of losing Jasmine and the gospel lessons that taught me as well as what a wonderful day it was to feel the Spirit and how blessed we were to have family and friends who loved us enough to take time out of their day and celebrate the miracle of Ava in our lives.
After the meeting, we went outside and got some pictures of everyone. We took a picture of the men that participated in the blessing, a family shot, a group shot, etc. We got some great shots to remember the day by.We went back to our house with everyone afterward and had some refreshments. I made a cake and we had fixings for sandwiches and a few salads and fruit. We sat around in the living room chatting and having a nice time together and it was so nice to spend that quality time with everyone. We missed having my brother Rory there and also our dear friends the Childs, who have always been staples in the big events of our lives. I have so many more great pictures f the event I can't possibly post them all here so if you want to see them, let me know and I will send them to you.


Jill said...

We missed being there, but were glad to hear about it later that evening. We are happy it was such a beautiful day for everyone, your pictures look great.

John said...

Wow, I wish I could have been there but it looks like you already had plenty of support!
Eight men in the blessing circle is a big group!

Summer said...

I really felt the Spirit as I read the blessings that Ava was promised during her blessing.

What an experience with Jasmine! I don't even know what to say, other than I am so grateful that you were inspired to know what to do.