Monday, July 27, 2009

Washington State Vacation - Day 4

We packed up the morning of day 4 and headed south again to go and visit our friends The Childs. If you have been a loyal reader of this blog, you know who they are and what they mean to us and we have missed them dearly the past year they have been gone. We just couldn't wait any longer to see them and so we scheduled a few days for them and they graciously let us stay in their home they had for the summer.
They were in Washington State for the summer because Jeff had secured himself an internship and so the family had decided to all go and spend the summer in the windsurfing capital of the United States - White Salmon. It had been advertised to us by Jeff and Jill as a place we could escape the oppressive heat of DC and have a nice relaxing vacation. Apparently, we have terrible timing because it just so happened that we arrived to visit our dear friends in the middle of the worst heat wave they have seen in that area ever.
The drive there was beautiful - check out some of the scenery that we passed on our way -When we arrived, it was time to go and pick Jeff up from work so we waited until they all came back and the reunion was very sweet. It was good for our souls to be with them again and it was as if time had never passed. The Childs finally got to meet Ava and her cuteness didn't disappoint.Jill managed to make us a pasta dinner in her extremely hot kitchen and then we took a little jaunt down the road after dinner to see our first waterfall of the trip - Dog Creek. It was gorgeous and cooler there as we could feel the spray of the water and it was a great way to cool down and start to relax for the evening.Jasmine was delighted to see her long lost buddy Ryan and they played amazingly well together. They threw rocks into the creek and really enjoyed each others company. Sarah tried to get in on the fun too!We took some family pic and here are my favorites.After a bit, we headed back to get the kids in bed and enjoy some adult talking and catching up time. It was a really great albeit hot day.


Jill said...

It's fun to relive those days through your pictures and narrative... except for the heat wave... I'm fine to forget that part. You all were such good sports about it :)
Can't wait to see more from your trip!