Monday, July 20, 2009

Ava Rosemary is 3 Months Old!

Ava is growing so quickly and it is all I can do not to just sit and hold her all day so I can remember those precious moments. At the same time, watching her develop is wonderful too. Ava is a strong little baby and from day 1 has been really good at holding her head up.
Even though she doesn't like tummy time too much, when she is on her tummy she can push up on her arms and hold her head up for a long time and also she can pull her legs up underneath her and scoot a bit across the floor. It is amazing to watch. When this girl starts crawling she will be unstoppable. What will I do with her then? I will be chasing two of them ragged!Ava is a happy baby, she smiles all the time and engages people. She loves to watch movement and loves to be held. She is happiest in Mommy's arms for now and still likes to sleep in our bed almost every night. I consider it a triumph if she sleeps in her own bed half the night. It is a bad habit I am allowing her to engage in but if I want any decent sleep at all, I give in.
She sleeps though the night - her last feeding is at midnight and she wakes up at 8 AM, sometimes 9 AM - lucky mommy! She is a quiet little girl and very observant. She will speak and make noise to get your attention but isn't rambunctious about it so when she chooses to speak, we all listen.
She continues to show that she is more tender and gentle than Jasmine was at that age but is looking more and more like her sister as she grows...I am in trouble with these two beauties in my house!
So - Here is to Ava who at 3 months has captured everyone's hearts!