Friday, July 24, 2009

Washington State Vacation - Day 1

After watching Jasmine's dance camp performance, we all rushed to get to the airport on time for our flights out for vacation. I asked Lorne if for my birthday and his birthday gift this year we could take a vacation out west to see our friends whom we had not seen for a long while and Lorne agreed this was a good idea.
Since money was tight, we used Lorne's frequent flyer miles to get us all tickets to fly. We also booked our hotel stays with Lorne's hotel points! How thrifty of us! The only thing was that we had to fly out of separate airports and separate flights.
We also split up the kids too - Ava flew with me of course since she is still nursing and I can handle the infant thing better. Jasmine went with Daddy which I am sure she would have chosen if she could have since she is his girl. He sent me this pic of Jasmine in the cockpit that I got on my phone as I was boarding my plane - cute huh?Ava did great on the airplane and people were very nice to me and helpful. We had a layover and I got some dinner and Ava got to roll around a bit to stretch out and we arrived in Washington and Daddy and Jasmine were already waiting for us.We tried to get our bags and Ava's car seat but alas they did not come and so I angrily reported it and we headed off to our hotel to sleep and prepare for the next day.