Friday, July 17, 2009

Ode to Laura

Without any prompting from anyone, my amazing and close friend Laura informed me that she was coming down from Boston to help me during opening week. I was so excited for her to come and felt touched that she would offer to do such a selfless thing for me. That is service. She said she would be here to help in any way that she could and with the girls too. Little did I know how much I would need her.
I have known Laura for almost 6 years and I thank God everyday that we met and decided to get past our differences and become friends. We have made the best memories and have helped each other and I believe that is what friendship is all about. She has amazing parents that raised her to become the lovely and loving young woman she has become.
I cannot thank her enough for all she did while she was here - you will read about it in future posts and I cannot even begin to express what it all meant to me and the strength that is brought to an already strong friendship and sisterhood. I wish I had her by my side always as she did everything she was asked, never complaining and never making me feel like I was imposing on her. She was my rock when Lorne couldn't be in town and well, what can I say more? It is so hard to express what is in my heart and even as I write this, my eyes well with grateful tears.

Laura, we love you - Lorne, Sabrina, Jasmine and Ava...


Susan said...

Laura is indeed a very special person. Quite a rare find.