Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Playdate with Cindy, Eleana and Abby

In case driving to Baltimore on Monday weren't far away enough, on Wednesday, I decided to head up to Frederick, MD for a fun little play date with Cindy and her girls (one from her daycare and Eleana of course). She had found a Wiggle Giggle Story time at the library up there and so we decided to meet there and then afterward go to Cindy's house for lunch.
Funnily enough, Jasmine and I arrived before Cindy and we went in so we wouldn't miss the beginning (it was only a 30 minute thing so we wanted to catch it all). The librarian that did the storytime did a good job and they started with a few songs, she told a story, read a couple of books and then they did an activity where the kids got to put felt barns on a felt background and learn the colors. Jasmine had a great time and when Cindy arrived with Abby & Eleana, they had a good time too.After story time we ventured into the Children's room at the library and I was impressed. They had so much stuff for kids, everything from computers, movies, a playhouse, a drawing table, a puzzle table, etc. Jasmine had a great time and I let her bring me 3 books and I read them to her. She wanted to check out some books but I told her this library was too far away from home so I will need to take her to ours one of these days!
We went back to Cindy's house and had some lunch. She made us all Mac n Cheese, Mickey Mouse Chicken Nuggets and corn. Jasmine ate all her lunch and even some green jello! What a champ!
After lunch, it was time for Abby to take a nap and for Jasmine and I to head home as I had a lot to get done and didn't want to get stuck in traffic. Even though it was a relatively short visit, it was fun and a nice activity for Jasmine to do on her Spring Break!


The Tones of the Zarcone's said...

Thank you for coming up to visit us! I know it was short and sweet, but we had a great time!

Love ya!