Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 2 at Home

Sunday we had a very relaxing day and some visits from family that we were really looking forward to. Fist, Natalia stopped by and brought empanadas! YUM! It was nice to spend some quality time with her and of course introduce her to Ava. Jasmine was also excited to see her Titi and wanted to be next to her as much as possible. I can't ask for a better "sister" in my life. I never had a sister so it is awesome to treat Natalia as my sister (the fact that we are cousins doesn't matter) we are sisters from different mothers! It was so important for me that she could come and meet Ava while she was still brand new!Later, we were graced with a visit from my Tio and Tia which I was so excited about because they had come to meet Jasmine when she was a few days old as well. They seemed super excited to meet and hold Ava and I got some cute pictures of them also. I love spending time with my extended family and find it so important for my children to know them because it is more people for them to love and for them to know they are loved by a large family group. We just wish the Australian family was closer so they could have them in their lives as well.