Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jasmine meets her baby sister!

I had Jasmine taken to school the day Ava was born because I knew that when she came to the hospital she would be bored but also because I wanted her to have a normal day and spend time with her school friends. It turned out to be a great idea because they made her a little crown at school that said, I am a Big Sister Today! She also wore her big sister tee-shirt.
My mom left the hospital to go and pick Jasmine up and bring her to the hospital so she could meet little Ava. My mom also picked up Abuela Meme so that she too could met the baby.Jasmine came bounding into the room and was super excited to meet Ava. She wanted to touch her, kiss her and hold her. I had her sit on the bed with me so that she could hold the baby safely and she was very excited to do that. I wanted Jasmine to be able to feel that she was a part of everything so that she would love the baby.She was very caring and gentle and after about a half an hour she decided that the hospital was a boring place to be. Daddy tried taking her for a little walk around the hospital and found her a Popsicle from the nourishment center.Abuela Meme was also in love with the baby and it was fun to watch great-grandma hold her 6th great-grandchild. She was amazed at how perfect Ava was and asked me if I had had a c-section and I laughed and said no. She thought Ava's head was too perfect to have come out naturally! I tried to explain that the labor was super fast but she was still amazed by it! What can I say? Our little Ava is an amazing little girl!It was also fun that while the grandmothers were there, Tio Ryan showed up to meet his new niece. Since he had just come from work, we made sure to tie a blanket around his neck so the baby wouldn't get any of the debris from Ryan's job as a mechanic on her.


Summer said...

It still kills me that you look so mellow and relaxed, like the stork just dropped her on your lap!

Good job Sabrina!

The Campbell's Soup said...

did you read the previous post about the birth story? Definitely No Stork! :)

Summer said...

I did read it, but I still think that you look like you are doing a photo shoot for a magazine.