Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Celebration with the Grandparents

After church, we went over to my parents house for a small Easter Egg hunt and dinner. Jasmine was super excited to see them and her cousin Roman.
When we got there, there were more Easter treats to discover as Jasmine got goodies from Abuela Meme, Tio Ryan and Abuela and Grandpa (can we say spoiled?). She was excited about more candy and against my better judgment, I let her eat more candy (she had been eating it all day!).It was then time for the Easter Egg hunt and Jasmine was chomping at the bit to get going. Her and Roman looked super cute running around the yard hunting for eggs and Jasmine was finding all her eggs pretty quickly, as was Roman I must say. It was funny though because I got an inside look at Jasmine's competitive nature as she kept taking stock of how many eggs Roman had and how many she had and she wanted to find all her eggs first and be declared (in her own words), "The best Easter Egg Hunter ever". She only beat Roman by a minute or two but that was enough to satisfy her - I tried to explain it wasn't about who was faster, it was about finding all the eggs, but she didn't care...I don't know how this child got so competitive - I don't know anyone in my family like that!We took some fun pictures of the kids together and they were just adorable. Roman was really into everything going on and was in such a good mood - I just love that kid!We also love that Marcia celebrated with us - she has become our family and we love spending the holidays with her. Jasmine adores Marcia and sees her as another aunt!After the hunt, it was dinner time and really, my mother went all out! She had an apple and goat cheese salad (amazingly delicious) and a tomato, garbanzo bean and olive salad as a starter - and for the main course we had a pork roulade (stuffed with spinach) and twice baked potatoes (homemade people, not out of a freezer box!) and an orzo salad - and zucchini and squash. Everything was very tasty and I ate my fill. For dessert we had Panna Cotta with Raspberry Sauce (again, homemade) and it was so delicious I ate 2 of them (it is good to be pregnant)!Before we left, Abuela read a book to Jasmine and we took a few pictures of Jasmine and her grandparents. It was such an enjoyable evening and a nice family Easter Celebration.


Em Dog said...

WOW! I hardly recongized jasmine in these picture. .did she grow a foot last month!? Such a pretty little lady. ..