Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hospital - Day 2

I sent Lorne home the first night because he hates being in hospitals - it makes him feel ill and he doesn't sleep well. The only problem was it was a LONG night and I felt a bit lonely. But it was super important for him to get good rest so that he could give me some more good help the next day.
Ava as a bit restless during the night and I had to put her in bed with me so I could get some sleep but that was fine by me because it made me feel close to her. The only thing about hospital stays after you have a baby is that the nurses come in too often to check on you - don't they know you just gave birth and you want to sleep? Guess not -We started getting visitors that afternoon - first from my parents. Finally Grandpa got to meet his newest granddaughter. He seemed thrilled with her and it was nice that he got to come to the hospital to meet her. He sang to her and rocked her and put Ava right to sleep. It was sweet to watch.Lorne came in a bit later and brought flowers that were sent from his company and also that morning we had received flowers and a Teddy Bear from the Tabaka family. It was such a pleasant surprise to receive such fun gifts.Next, Shelly Astle came and we had some good quality time with her. We missed that Matt couldn't come but we totally understood that he has to make a living for his family and coming to visit us at the hospital doesn't exactly pay his bills! Ava loved being cuddled by Shelly and didn't fuss at all.Towards the end of Shelly's visit, Cindy Zarcone made her way down from Frederick to meet Ava. It means a lot she would come so far especially since she had come to the hospital to meet Jasmine when she was born. We took some fun pictures of Ava and Tia Cindy and they got some good quality time together and we got some good quality time chatting with Cindy.Marcia even made some time in the middle of her CRAZY cake schedule (trust me - she did 5 orders that weekend and one of them was a wedding cake and she did it all by herself! What a Champ!) to come and meet the newest addition to the family. Marcia was enchanted and Ava got comfotable. I think she felt special with all the people that were clammoring to meet her.


Summer said...

5 cakes! Hurray for Marcia! Do we get to see pictures of those ones too?