Saturday, April 11, 2009

Justin & Diana's Wedding

Occasionally Cake was contracted for a wedding cake for a dear friend of mine named Justin McCune who I have known for about 8 years now. We met when I was single and he and another guy named Jay Liddle were my home teachers. They were very faithful, visiting me every month, though admittedly, we mostly did our visits over lunch. I do much better when activities are combined with food!
We have stayed friends through all these years and Lorne also knew Justin since we were single and we have always been impressed with his character and gentle nature. It took him time to find his companion but we were so pleased when he told us he would be getting married and even more pleased when we met his bride, Diana. She is perfect for him and when they are together, they glow. Justin so deserves it and not knowing Diana very well, I still believe she deserves it too!
They had their reception aboard the Cherry Blossom, a riverboat that has been docked in Old Town Alexandria probably my entire life. Having walked the dock there for years I have always admired the boat and always wanted to take a ride on it so I was super excited when I found out this would be where we would go for the reception.
The only thing that made me nervous was transporting the wedding cake from the car to th boat as you cannot just drive up to it. It would require a bit of walking and some stair navigating. As I am a little bit pregnant at this point, Lorne and Marcia had to do it and even though I trust them both implicitly, I always get nervous when I have to relinquish control. I really need to get better about that! I did insist on doing the driving however, that was my contribution to the delivery. I also took photos of them while they made their precarious journey!The cake made it safely on board and we were lucky because we got to stay on board the boat wheile we waited for the newly married couple and the rest of the guests to arrive. It was so peaceful and Lorne and I had a nice time spending a few moments to ourselves.After the bride and groom arrived, and everyone boarded the boat, the party started and they had a ring ceremony followed by some eating of food (always my favorite part!)We had fun seeing some friends, the Astles in particular, and had fun sitting with them and having a good chat! It was also really neat because the closing day of the Cherry Blossom Festival was that day and they had some amazing fireworks that we got to watch from the deck. The boat even stopped for them. It was nice to cuddle with Lorne and watch the magical fireworks and talk about the day we got married. After almost 7 years, I still remember the day vividly and hope I always do.When we were almost back at the Alexandria dock, it was time for cake. After Justin and Diana cut their ceremonial piece, I stepped in and cut the cake. It went fast, let me tell you! I felt like I couldn't cut and plate fast enough and I was going at a good speed. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and I was super proud of our job well done. Even the bride and groom sent someone over to retrieve them pieces so they wouldn't miss out on eating a good slice of their own cake.It was a very nice evening and when it was time to deboard the boat, I was tired and a bit swollen and had a bit of a hard time walking to the car - but it was all worth it to be a part of such a special day with extremely special people!


Sara said...

Those are beautiful pictures of you and Lorne with the sunset.
You look absolutely breathtaking in the photo... nine months pregnant too! Just stunning!

Shelly said...

The cake was fabulous. I heard so many people rave about it. Everyone liked it. And it was so great to catch up. Looking forward to another game night.

Jill said...

It looks like a lovely evening. We are so happy for Justin! The cake is, as always, beautiful!