Friday, April 3, 2009

Annual Cherry Blossom Visit

Lorne and I have been going to see the Cherry Blossoms together since we got married. It was a tradition that we did with Jeff & Jill Child each year. Now that they have deserted us, we decided that we needed to keep going since it is really something we look forward to each year.
This year, since Laura was in town, she came with us and that was great fun. Also, since it had been raining and windy, the sun finally broke through on Friday afternoon and we decided a Friday evening visit would be best.The blossoms were at their peak and it was a very nice evening. A bit chilly since it was still quite windy and you can see from the pictures that Jasmine was a bit cold. I didn't think to bring her a jacket, so we all took turns trying to warm her up.We walked a bit - usually we walk the entire tidal basin, but since I am so big and pregnant right now, that wasn't about to happen! I still walked as much as I could. I loved seeing the blossoms and watching the wind rush across the tidal basin and make the water look ominous.After the cherry blossoms, we stopped and had dinner at Chicken Out and ended the evening having fun together and enjoying good simple food.


Jill said...

don't you think 'deserted' is a pretty harsh word? :)

The Campbell's Soup said...

you didn't get my pun? :) You are in Arizona and that is a desert is it not? :) OK - so maybe I was just trying to make you feel guilty and still putting in my opinion about your move! Until you move back, I can still hate that you are so far away! Love you Jilly!

Jill said...

okay, okay, I get it... but it's still harsh :) You know we would have LOVED to have been able to go with you! Someday we will again!