Sunday, April 26, 2009

More Visitors and Sisters

Ava has been the talk of the town and she got more special visitors on Day 6 of her life. Kelleen finally had a chance to stop by and meet Ava which was nice because we had been waiting for her to be able to come by. It was a nice visit even if a bit short but we know we will spend many more happy times with her in years to come.Tricia - my childhood friend since I was 6 years old also came by and spent some good quality time with Ava and myself. We sat and chatted and started to catch up on life and things and had dinner together. It was such a nice evening and we can't wait to see Tricia again!Finally, I had to include a picture of the 2 sisters - Jasmine really loves to hold and kiss Ava and has been gentle with her for the most part. She is also learning to be a good big sister and is becoming a great helper as well!