Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Saint Patrick's Day Proper

Since Saint Patrick's Day was on a Tuesday, we had done our party the Saturday before. We still wanted to do something fun on the actual day. Kelleen told me that her family was doing a green dinner and I found a way to get Team Campbell invited and we crashed their party.
Luckily, we had some green things to contribute and it was a really fun time. We arrived and Joe was busy making the green mashed potatoes and green lemonade. He also made some corned beef and cabbage.We brought some veggies and dip and some Irish cheese and with all that good food, we had a little feast together. The girls seemed to enjoy it immensely and it was nice to spend some quality time with good friends. We had some Mint Brownie Chip overload ice cream for dessert along with some green jello and it was a wonder none of us turned green with all that green food!
Thanks for having us over Team Trauger!


Anonymous said...

it was a fun night!