Friday, March 6, 2009

Date Night with Brent & Mary

Mary invited us to join her and Brent (and Chloe of course) for dinner at Generous George's Positive Pizza and Pasta place - which is this cute restaurant that has been around since I was a kid. In fact, we used to go there a lot when it was time for the end of the sports season trophy dinners. I hadn't been there since I was a kid and so I was excited to take Jasmine there because I knew she would love it.It was also another opportunity to get to know Mary and Brent better and have a nice social time. Jasmine was excited to see Chloe and sit with her and they seemed to get along pretty well. It was also fun because there was this extremely talented balloon guy (I have never seen another one as good as him) who would stop by the different tables and make balloon figures for the kids. He made everything from a Googly Eyed Elmo, to Mickey, a vase of flowers, and for our girls Jasmine and Chloe, Ariel - The Little Mermaid.The food was good - Lorne ordered pizza and I ordered a pizza pie. I chose a chicken pesto one and the pasta was really good. I didn't care so much for the crust it was sitting on (not as good as the pizza) but I really enjoyed it.The company was great - I love seeing my friends in happy, stable relationships and being appreciated and Brent is a very attentive and loving boyfriend to Mary. I completely approve! I so look forward to more fun times together!