Sunday, March 8, 2009

Every New Baby should have a Celebration

I had a baby shower for Baby Zsa Zsa thrown by the best friends a girl could ask for. I had 3 amazing hosts - Cindy Zarcone (the leader) and Kelleen Trauger and Chrissy Tabaka. I wish these ladies would throw me a party all the time. I had the most wonderful time!I decided to do the cake myself as I didn't want anyone paying someone else to do what I could do. Actually, Marcia was going to do it, but we had a paid cake that she needed to do so I was happy to make the cake the way I wanted. I chose my flavors and design and I was happy with that. I loved how it turned out as well.I took the cake over before it started and the ladies were busily decorating and making Kelleen's house into a baby shower wonderland. The food table looked amazing and was full of amazing food including: spinach and strawberry salad, veggie tray, fruit tray, meatballs and more.I arrived a few minutes late - to be fashionable and because I was making sure people didn't go to the wrong house - since Kelleen lives only 2 doors down from me and if people weren't paying attention to the address, they may have thought they were coming to my house.
We had food and socialized when I got there and Cindy took full charge of the flow of the party. How that girl loves to be in control! It was great though because people always knew what they should be doing and it was great.After we were done eating, we played some games. They were fun - we had to guess the poop in the diaper (melted candy bars) and we had to guess the baby food in the jars. That one was tough. They mix all kinds of foods together and it is almost impossible to guess what could be in there. I think I only got 3 even half right! We also played a game where there were little plastic babies frozen in ice cubes and if your melted and the baby popped out of the ice first, you yelled, "My water broke!" and you won. There was some contention that Lizz Taylor (who won that one) was blowing hot air on her ice and trying other tricks to get hers to melt faster...more credit to her if she did!
After the games, I opened half of my gifts and I was so happy, my friends and family are always so generous and the gifts were lovely and things I needed. We then took a break for cake and of course, I cut it and everyone seemed pleased with the flavors I had chosen. For the bottom of the cake I had white almond sour cream cake with chocolate buttercream filling and for the top of the cake I made the white almond sour cream with strawberry cream cheese filling. I didn't have much cake left at the end, which I was very happy about.I then opened the second half of my gifts and again was so happy and please at all people had given me. This little baby girl is going to be so spoiled and so loved, I can already tell. I had fun taking apart the diaper cake my mom made as well because she knit almost everything she put on there!At this point most people started to leave and I started gathering all the things I needed to take home together. There was so much and Lorne couldn't come get it as Jasmine was at home napping. We loaded everything into my mom's Volkwagen Bug and Chrissy's Escalade and I couldn't believe how much stuff I had to take home. Chrissy provided these amazing favors for all to take home (some body butter that was personalized with my baby shower info and some footprint lolly pops).I really did have an amazing time and I was so happy to spend an afternoon with so many people I love and enjoy spending time with and some that I hadn't seen for a while. My hostesses did an amazing job and I am so grateful to them for all the work they put in for me and giving me an afternoon to remember!


Susan said...

We also had a wonderful time and you are right you have wonderful friends.

The Tones of the Zarcone's said...

How I love to be in control!?! Ha! :) I think it takes a control freak to know a control freak! :)

Anyhow, glad you had a great time. It was fun to do!


Jill said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time! How I wish I could have been there too!!!