Saturday, March 28, 2009

Eleana Elaine Zarcone turns 1!

We were pleased to be invited to attend the birthday celebration of Eleana Zarcone, our little precious adopted niece. I can't believe how fast time has flown - it doesn't seem like that long ago, she was born.
It was also exciting because Occasionally Cake was asked to do the cake and we had some fun with it. Never mind that because we worked at a leisurely pace, we were up until 3 AM finishing it - it still turned out fabulous!We arrived in Frederick about 20 minutes before the party was due to start and set up the cake and started meeting some people. Jasmine was looking especially cute in her dress that was similar to Eleana's but pink instead of yellow.Cindy had a stream of guests showing up and so she told everyone to start eating. I was excited because there was a nice spread of food and I was hungry. Jasmine coerced Marcia into making her a plate and I made sure I tried a bit of everything which included meatballs, ranch pasta salad, cheese and crackers, spinach dip, veggie tray and deviled eggs. They also had the chocolate fountain set up with a nice tray of things to dip in there incliding strawberries, bananas, rice crispy treats and so forth. Jasmine was extremely intrigues by this chocolate decadense and I am not sure how many times she went dipping for chocolate covered yumminess.
Poor Eleana was under the weather and spent pretty much all of her party cuddling with her grandma, mother or daddy. She had these sad eyes and you could tell she was such a little trooper.She did sit down in her high chair when it was cake time and it was cute because Jasmine was so excited she was vying for front and center attention. Cindy and Kevin were sweet and they all took a picture together and Jasmine sang good and loud when it was time for the birthday song. Eleana played a bit with the cake but I am not sure how much she actually ate. I cut the cake for Cindy and all the guests seemed to really enjoy it.After cake, they opened presents and Eleana got some super cute stuff. Mostly Cindy and Kevin did the gift opening since Eleana just wanted to cuddle and didn't seem interested in anything at that point.It really was a lovely party and Cindy and Kevin were great hosts. You have no control over how your baby is going to be feeling at any point in time so it was no big deal that Eleana wasn't well. We all tried to have fun and engage with her regardless and she will have some super cute pictures of the day when she is older. We stayed around for a bit to chat when it was over and it was nice that we were able to celebrate this special day with people we love and cherish so dearly. Happy Birthday Eleana!


Summer said...

Beautiful cake as always. I really like the 3-D flowers.

Oh the joy of birthday parties for little kids, you really never know.