Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bowling with Mary Ady, Chloe & Brent!

We have another great new friend named Mary Ady who is this amazing mom who has a daughter Jasmine's age named Chloe. Jasmine and Chloe have become very good friends and Jasmine always looks forward to seeing Chloe and playing with her.Mary has recently begun dating a guy named Brent and she has been very excited about him and she wanted us to meet him. She set up a bowling date and invited us to come bowling. As you can imagine, at 33 weeks I am in no fit shape to lunge a bowling ball (I doubt I would still be standing if I tried!) but I still wanted to go for the social aspect so we went.Lorne wasn't feeling well so bowling was out for him but we rented shoes and bought a game for Jasmine so she could play. And play she did! She was amazing. Now of course we had the bumpers up and she used a ramp, but she carried her own ball each time and placed it on the ramp herself and pushed the ball off. Lorne and I took turns supervising her and helping her if she needed it. She got several spares and even bowled a strike! It was amazing to watch her be so happy.The night ended sadly as Jasmine got tired and started having a meltdown. We let her finish the game and then decided she had had enough and had to go. She ended up bowling a 121! Jasmine didn't want to leave but sometimes as parents you know it is the best thing for your child and so we left around 8:30 PM.So, the verdict on Brent? We liked him, he seemed a very personable guy and way into Mary (which was a very good thing). It is hard to really get to know a person in a bowling atmosphere but we hope to get together with them soon in a better chatting environment. We had a nice time and I really did think it would be fun to go bowling after this baby is born!


Summer said...

Hurray for bumpers and ramps!

It still makes me laugh to think about how well our kids did with those huge balls at the bowling alley in Chatham.

We really need to take Hayden out bowling again.