Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In Like a Lion

March has roared in like a lion as the saying goes. We had only had one real snowfall this season which I wrote about in January and I had given up on any more snow (and was disgusted by the fact that we hadn't had more). Then they made the announcement that we were having a winter storm approaching and I laughed and didn't believe. I guess me not hoping or believing we will have snow is what it takes to get snow.We woke up Monday morning, the 2nd of March to a blanket of beautiful white snow and more snow gently falling out of the sky. School was canceled for Jasmine of course and so we had to do some playing in the snow. Daddy agreed he could take Jasmine out since I am not quite as mobile right now. I would be the photographer.I stood on the porch mostly and captured the gleeful giggles as Jasmine ran around in the snow, made her first snow angels and helped Daddy build a snowman. She absolutely loved it and I loved watching her and watching Lorne indulge her in the snow play.The snow was a bit on the dry side and not so conducive to snowman building but they did the best they could and I secured the carrot nose and the M&M eyes and the hat for the snowman. I thought it turned out pretty cute and Jasmine called it the Jasmine snowman since it was short.
Before finally having to come back inside, Jasmine insisted on eating icicles and helping Daddy shovel the snow off of the driveway. It was cute watching her be the little helper.What can I say? I love snow days, I love the snow and I love the way the snow slows down life around here. People laugh because the DC area is ill-equipped to handle snow but I love that about living here. Life is so hectic normally anyway that the only way to slow us down is to thrwo a little snow into the mix. I love the feeling of not having to go anywhere or do anything because snow is the perfect excuse around here - too bad this year we only got 2 days of snow!


Susan said...

I never thought of snow days as slow down days but you are right. They do make us stop our crazy lives and enjoy nature