Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl

Every year for the past 3 years Lorne has organized the ward Turkey Bowl and participated in it as well. This year he did it again and I was prepared to photograph the event. The only thing was that it had been raining a lot and the field was incredibly muddy. This did not stop the group of die hard football players trying to get their game on.By the time I arrived with the girls, Lorne was covered in mud and Jan had had mud for breakfast after he had face planted in the mud during a crucial play I am sure. It was fun to watch them play but I had no desire to get in on the action - I don't like getting dirty!Our new friends, The Durrants were there and their little boy Jack had done his damage in the mud - I couldn't help but get a picture. Too bad he got so muddy, I was supposed to take their Christmas picture. Oh well, maybe next year!Even amid the muddy game, many good plays were had and I don't even know who won. At the end of the game, everyone feasted on donuts and hot cocoa (Jasmine's favorite part!) We also took some pictures, including a great group shot.Jan told me later that he had had an amazing time and that this was his favorite part about visiting us in the United States - I think he would like to make it a tradition for him to play in the Turkey Bowl every year - too bad the flight is so expensive!