Sunday, November 29, 2009

More New York Fun

I had bought us all tickets to go see The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular (which Lorne and I saw while we were dating) and I thought this would be a great show for all of us to see. Also, since Jan had to go home the next day and it was a work day for Lorne and myself, we only stayed in New York a half day - the show was the last thing we would see before heading back home.
Since the show didn't start until 2 PM, we had some time to squeeze in a few more things. The first order of business was to give Ava a little bath - the safest place to do that was the hotel bathroom sink. She looked so cute I had to snap a few pics - you know me!Jasmine had been bugging us to take her to the Toys R Us and let her ride on the big Ferris Wheel. Since she had been such a trooper the night before, we decided to take her and let her have some fun. We were happily surprised that the tickets weren't too expensive so we were even happier that our little surprise didn't cost us too much money.While we were waiting for our turn to ride, we walked around the store and looked at all the toys - we were hoping Jasmine would be inspired with what she wanted to ask Santa for for Christmas. Jasmine was so very excited, jumping around and skipping through the store - it was hard to keep up with her.After the toy store adventure, we took a fair walk down to the Empire State building to show Jan and also to see Macy's all dressed up for Christmas and walk their window displays. I wanted to go inside and visit Santa but when we looked at the time, it was time to get a cab and go to Radio City Music Hall for our show.We had amazing seats, since I had bought them at the box office the night before, they had very discounted orchestra seats so I paid very little for some amazing seats. I was so very excited and Jasmine seemed excited too.When the show started Jasmine was amazed, she couldn't stop staring wide eyed at the beautiful Rockettes doing their thing and she kept turning to us and telling us how beautiful they were. She was mesmerized and I was too. I just love the show and it makes me feel all Christmasy inside. We weren't allowed to take pictures and I didn't want to risk getting kicked out so I didn't.
The best part for me was when the show was over. Jasmine - completely unprovoked by anyone, climbed over Lorne to get to me - she threw her arms around me and in a very sincere and strong voice exclaimed, "Mommy! Thank you so so much for bringing us to this show - I loved it so much!" I started crying because it was so very sweet and sincere.
Them we all walked back to the hotel, got our things and the car and left the great city of New York. We had had a full and great weekend and Jan was very appreciative. We wished we could have shown him more but it was too difficult with the kids. Still, I think we gave it a great effort and gave him a great taste of one of the best cities in the world.