Thursday, November 19, 2009

Preschool Thanksgiving Feast

I opted once again to help out with another class party. I don't want to sound like a martyr because I honestly love doing it and being with the kids and also being there for Jasmine. It doesn't hurt that occasionally I get some food too! :)
I brought mini pumpkin pies and the paper goods. They had some great food - they were smart and made turkey meatballs with gravy instead of trying to have a turkey for the feast. The kids absolutely loved them - Jasmine ate 3 of them and they were a decent size!I didn't take many pictures but I enjoyed being there for the feast and watching how hapy the kids were and Jasmine too - she told me she loves it when I help in the classroom.
Later at home, I caught a cute picture of two of the things I am most thankful for...