Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ava starts Solid Food

We waited a bit longer to start Ava on solid foods than we waited for Jasmine. Jasmine was ready at 4 months to begin solids but the doctors said that Ava would be fine if we waited a bit longer so we did. At 6 and a half months it was funny that she was just getting her first taste of solid food and that she had been exclusively nursing prior to this monumental day. It made me feel proud that I had managed to nurse her and work more than full time.
I purchased some vegetable purees from a client of mine that does organic purees made from local ingredients. Her company is called Gingerberry and I was so excited to feed the sweet potatoes to Ava.We sat Ava down in her bouncer chair on top of the kitchen table just as we had done with her sister 4 years ago and we put a bib on her knowing this would be a very messy process.Ava was very excited and we could tell she was so ready for this. She opened her mouth expertly on the first bite and immediately her little legs stared kicking and we could tell she liked it.
I fed her for a bit and then Daddy got a turn too. By the time we were done, it was all over her face and we were laughing pretty loudly. It was a definite success and she slept very well that night with her full little tummy.