Sunday, November 8, 2009

Swine Flu and Happy Fall!

Jasmine got the swine flu - or so the doctors suspected. She had the fever spike and then rest of the classic flu symptoms and so she remained home from school for a few days and in the house as a sick prisoner for a few days making her a stay at home kid for about 5 days. We thought she had gotten better one of the days and thought we would take her to church so I dressed the girls and got them ready.
As I was ready to take my own shower and ready myself for church, Jasmine asked if she could go and take a nap. I said no problem and thought it was an interesting request from my normally energetic 4 year old.
When Daddy came back from his morning meetings to pick us up, Jasmine wouldn't wake up easily as she was in quite a deep sleep and Lorne and I decided that her little body needed rest and so I would stay home with the kiddies and he would go and represent the family at church.
When Jasmine woke up later, she looked so cute all dressed up and Ava too, that I snapped a few shots of them in the living room with our fall decor. So Happy Fall everyone!