Monday, March 8, 2010

Pizza Party Field Trip

Jasmine has the most amazing teacher at her Preschool. Mrs. Markman is amazing and always packs the kids days with neat learning experiences. I am so glad I chose her to teach Jasmine - she has been a key component in Jasmine's development.I also love my job because it allows me some flexibility to do things like chaperon my daughter's field trips from time to time.
This day, we all went to Domino's Pizza so the kids could learn how they make pizzas. It was such a neat process and the kids had a blast. You could tell they had done this before because they got those kids in and out of there pretty quickly.
Jasmine was a riot when it was her turn. I got to watch all the other kids go before her and they were cautious and timid making the pizzas. Not Jasmine. She dug right in and was the only child (ever as far as Mrs. Markman's field trips there) to try and taste the toppings. She also covered her entire pizza full with Pepperoni and Pineapple which is the family favorite and her personal favorite.It got even better when they said I could make one too! I too made a pepperoni and pineapple and I must say it was delicious. I took it home and shared with Lorne. It was so fun to be able to participate and have that time with my daughter. Life is just good around here.