Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mary & Chloe have an Easter Egg Hunt

The weekend before Easter, Mary invited us to an Easter Egg Hunt in her backyard. Since we hadn't had a chance to think about one we decided this would be great for Jasmine to go to. Also, it was a great time to see my friend.
It was such a fun time - our friend Liz was there painting bunny faces on all the kids - I thought Jasmine looked especially cute with her bunny face!Chloe and Jasmine have been great friends and I had fun watching them run around the yard together. When it was time for the hunt, the kids went wild and found all kinds of eggs and goodies that had been hidden in the backyard.It was over in like 5 minutes flat! The it was time for treats. Mary had made some cute cupcakes and there were drinks and other snacks too. The kids had fun playing together in the backyard while the adults chatted away. It was such a fun way to spend the afternoon and we sure love Mary her daughter Chloe.