Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our Little Avala - 11 Months Old

Our baby is growing fast. We can hardly believe that we will be celebrating her first birthday in a month. She is just cutting her first tooth - on the bottom and is really beginning to develop more rapidly. She still doesn't walk - but she will stand and hold on to something if we help her and she crawls like a maniac.She loves food - all food. She eats fast and is always yelling for more. I haven't really found anything yet that I can say she really doesn't like - sometimes she needs time adjusting to new textures but once she has a new food a few times, she is happy to eat it.She still has those piercing blue eyes - I really have a hard time believing I could create a blue eyes baby - but apparently I can do it.She is starting to babble more and repeats the important syllables - mamamama and dadadada and she is starting to point to a few things as she understands them.
We look forward to her learning to walk and are thrilled to have her in our family.