Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Big Swimming Bee

We decided to enroll Jasmine in a swimming class because we felt she wasn't super comfortable in the water and we wanted her to feel secure and like she knew what she was doing. We also feel it is a vital life skill that we wanted to make sure was taught to her by someone who knew how to teach.
Our local Rec. Center offered classes at a good price at a time of day that worked out. Jasmine was super excited to go. I think she thought she was going to a pool to play.
Her first day was interesting because she was bouncing off of the walls - almost literally. She also complained a lot to the teacher that she couldn't do things. This made me upset because I think when you say you can't, you surely won't.Still, when class was over she told me she loved it and asked if we were coming back the next day. She was sad when I told her she had to wait another week before the next class. Ava loved watching and she was sad she didn't get to go in - little did she know her first day of swimming was the next day with Mama!Jasmine and I had a little talk at the end of the class when I explained to her that Campbells always say, "I Can and I Will!" I made her repeat it and since that day she always tries something new with this attitude! Love that kid!


John said...

You have been busy - love the updates.
We also keep telling our kids that we don't do "can't". We only do "I will do my best".