Sunday, March 21, 2010

National Capital Area Cake Show

The NCACS was an amazing show. I had so much fun walking around and looking at all the amazing entries. They had different divisions and categories. I entered in the Professional Category under wedding cakes. There were a total of four cakes in my division.They also had loads of cake vendors - vendors who specialize in all manner of cake tools and stuff that every cake artist needs. I would have loved to spend a lot of money there but I kept it under control - only buying a few new things that we needed at the shop. Sharon Zambito was there selling her now famous DVDs on cake skills and I got a picture with her - she was really fabulous!They also had some live cake challenges that I sat and watched. It was really fun to watch some really experienced cake professionals show off their craft. I got a picture with Courtney Clark who is amazing - she is pretty famous in our cake world too - Google her if you want to see her work.Then it was time for the awards show - I didn't win anything and that was OK because I didn't expect to but Jasmine got to walk on stage and get a medal for participating in the kids division - she was thrilled. She and Norm have a great relationship and she hugged him and was so excited to be on stage with him.