Friday, March 26, 2010

Chrissy's Surprise Birthday Party

When we heard our friend Chrissy was going to be celebrating her 40th birthday - I wondered what kind of great party they would have. Little did Chrissy know that her husband planned an amazing surprise birthday party for her and pulled it off without her knowing anything about it.
The party was held at the Sunset Room at National Harbor and it was a great and gorgeous venue. He commissioned me to make the cake and I designed something I thought spoke to Chrissy's personality. We got there early to make sure the cake was set up and there were no mishaps.
The room looked gorgeous and the food divine and there were an impressive amount of people there. Chrissy is so loved and you could tell by the great turnout for her party.
The plan was that Chrissy went out with a couple of her girlfriends for dinner at a restaurant just below the room the party was in. It was planned that the friend that gave her the ride would receive a call that her son was sick and she needed to come home, thus making it so they all had to leave together. We all waited on the balcony and when she walked out of the restaurant, we all yelled SURPRISE!! When she looked up, she was so surprised t see all her friends looking down at her!
She came up and the real party started. We ate, we danced, we hugged, we celebrated and had a great time. It was truly a fun night and many of our own friends were there too and we had fun dancing with them. The Traugers were especially cute on the dance floor. At the end of the evening, Chrissy and Adam sang everyone a song and gave a little speech. It was a night to remember.


Summer said...

I love these pictures! The happy vibe just jumps off the screen. A little happy in my day!