Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Simply Organic's Grand Opening

A new caterer that is not far from my shop called Simply Organic, had a grand opening and approached us to donate mini cupcakes for dessert for their party. We agreed as it seemed a good alignment for us to have a caterer on our side.
The event was held at River Farm, which I had never been to before. It is a gorgeous place by the water with lush gardens and it was a gorgeous night. They had a tent set up and the atmosphere was very nice.Jasmine ran around and Lorne took some pictures of her in the gardens and I couldn't resist getting a picture with my girls as they were dressed up and looking so beautiful.The center table was beautiful and I had to get a picture. This company uses organic ingredients provided by local farmers and the food we had that night was very good. We do not use all organic ingredients at the bakery but we do use real ingredients and that was a good fit for them.Our mini cupcakes were a hit and I got a lot of compliments. A few days later, the photographer, Ron Jones had a little blurb about us on his blog - check it out - - The favorite of the night seemed to be the Chocolate Dulce. I got a great picture of Lorne holding one of the toasted coconut minis.Our friend Jeff Todd was there representing the Mount Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce and since this caterer is not yet a member, he wanted to be there for support of the community.
They had a business card raffle and I couldn't stop laughing when I won a bottle of wine. Since I don't drink and I have plenty of wine at home that I use for cooking, I gave the bottle to Jeff to enjoy.The turnout was OK - not as big as they had hoped and I think had they been a member of the Chamber, they would have had a lot more people show up. Still, it was a very nice event and I think they will do well.