Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Occasionally Cake's Grand Opening!

As a member of the Mount Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce I get some good perks. One of those perks is having a big ribbon cutting ceremony with local important people that is organized by the chamber. When we sat down to discuss a date, it was decided that we would wait to have our grand opening and party until after school started, that way it would be well attended and it fit in with the new beginning feeling people feel at the beginning of every school year.We were very excited for that evening and we had invited a lot of people. My uncle and aunt graciously donated the food from their restaurant The City Square Cafe, and we made a special cake for the occasion. We also decorated the bakery to make space for everyone we hoped would attend.The Grand Opening would not have been complete without a special cake for the event. We did not disappoint - we even molded figurines of ourselves to put on the cake - I daresay it was a great effort!
It was a great event - Supervisor Highland was there, Jeff Todd (President of the Chamber of Commerce and friend) was there - most importantly, my whole family that lives in the area (minus Natalia who couldn't attend because she was out of town) were there. Also countless numbers of friends who are very dear to me came out to support. The bakery was full of people. We estimated there were about 80 people in attendance.Speeches were made - watch below -Then it was time for the ribbon cutting. The whole group gathered outside and we used large scissors and cut the ribbon. It was awesome!Afterward, we all went back inside and it was time to eat! People descended upon the cake and look what we had left at the end of the night! Ava was a doll throughout the event and Jasmine pretty much kept all the kids entertained with the DVD player we have for her in the back. In fact, she was so scarce that night that the only photo proof that I have that she was there is in the big group shot. Obviously, I was very busy and gave the responsibility of taking pics to others and they didn't cover it like I would have - but you can't do it all!It was a great night and a fabulous event - I couldn't have asked for a better opening to something we have worked so hard to achieve.