Sunday, September 6, 2009

Charles & Lesley get Married!

I love going to weddings. I love celebrating other people's happiness and love - and I love the food, the dancing, the party, the cake, the pretty dresses and having fun. Recently in the last 6 months I reconnected with an old high school friend who was getting married and he contracted Occasionally Cake to do his wedding cake and cupcakes and also invited us to attend the event. It was a very beautiful Sunday afternoon and it was held here in Mount Vernon at the Collingwood Library & Museum grounds next to the river.The ceremony was great, it was simple and short and sweet. The very kind I like. It was fun to watch the groom as the bride walked to him and see the love in his eyes and the bride was glowing just as she should on her special day. Jasmine started off being grouchy before the ceremony started, trying to complain that she was hungry but when she saw the bride she got all excited.Did I mention what an angel Ava was? She is such a quiet and sweet baby, as long as she is being held she doesn't bother anyone. She really is easy to take to events because she isn't a huge crier or fussy baby.I was also friends with Charles's sister Becky in high school as well and Jasmine enjoyed talking to her and smelling her bouquet of flowers.Finally (for Jasmine) it was time for the reception and the food. They did some BBQ and it was delicious. They also had Cheerwine (a soda that you don't see often - cherry flavored). They had us set up the cupcakes on everyone's table so everyone got to choose one when they were finished eating and they didn't have to wait for the cake cutting. I thought that was very considerate and very cute. It went with the whole vibe they were creating at their wedding.Then there was dancing - and did we dance! Jasmine danced the night away and was often at the center of everyone showing off her moves. She even got to dance with the bride, which she loved because Jasmine was enthralled by the bride and how beautiful she was.I was very proud when they cut their cake and they were very pleased with it. I also heard many comments throughout the evening that everyone was raving about the cupcakes and that they were the best cupcakes people had ever had. Yay for OC!We left the party with beautiful glass wine glasses that were etched with music symbols. The evening was a huge success and lots of fun. We hope to have them over soon for dinner and celebrate more with them.