Monday, September 14, 2009

Jasmine's First Day of Pre-K

In one year Jasmine will be going to Kindergarten. I don't know if I am ready for the foray into public school and all that comes with it. It is a big transition for her and for me too. I realize it is a part of growing up but as Jasmine grows up, I feel she grows away from the tight wrapped arms of her parents. She now wants to be with her friends more and breaks away more as well. She is an independent spirit and I am grateful she can stand on her own for her age.Since she still has a year before I freak out, we will tell you about her first day of Pre-K where she prepares for the big step next year. Jas was super excited for school and excited to wear her new dress. I have been learning to french braid so I braided her hair that morning.This year she is in Mrs. Markman's class who also happens to be our neighbor - she lives up the street from us. She is the must have teacher at Epiphany and I am so glad that Jasmine has her. I think she is the right teacher for the job.With her Tinkerbell backpack and a big smile, Jasmine entered the world of Pre-K and are so very proud of her.