Thursday, September 24, 2009

Roly Poly

Ava is quite the little roller and she is very adept at getting herself across the room by rolling. The only problem is that she doens't always mean to end up where she does. Occasionally, we will leave her in the living room to play on her little floor play gym and then about 10 minutes later, she will start crying and when we walk in there, she has managed to roll herself under the coffee table. We chuckle, call her a silly girl and then rescue her - only to find her there again later.Once, when Lorne was in the basement watching TV, he put Ava on the floor to let her play and he proceeded to pay attention to his program. Fifteen minutes later, he looked down to interact with Ava and he was surprised to find her gone. He started calling her name but of course she doesn't know how to answer so he got up off of the couch and found her on the other side od the ottoman close to the base of the TV.
It is fun to watch her grow and develop and we are certain it won't be long before she learns to crawl and then we are in trouble!


Emmy Slusser said...

Just got caught up on your blog, Sabrina, and I am so happy I did! You sure do have an incredible family. .. and a gorgeous one, too. Some girls have it all. :) I love you!