Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another year of Ballet & Tap

When the school year started, so did dance class again. Jasmine was so excited to go back to dance - she missed it over the summer and she couldn't wait to see her teacher, Mrs. Melissa. It is nice that they have the same teacher for 2 years so the kids can have some consistent teaching. I will be sad when she is no longer in her class but for now, we are happy to be there!She is now in Pre-Primary II and will have her first performance of the year in December so be on the lookout for video! It is hard for me this year as I have to work on Saturdays most often and can't take her to dance myself. That is something I really enjoyed doing and so I feel very out of the loop with what is going on there and rely heavily on Lorne to be my eyes and ears.
So, here is to another year of dancing for Jasmine!