Friday, June 26, 2009

Jasmine's Recital - Annie

This year, the show that the Metropolitan Fine Arts Center (MFAC), the school where Jasmine is learning to dance, did Annie for their end of year production. They integrated the different dance numbers into parts of the show and it was really well done and entertaining. They have a lot of great dancers at the school and the production is really top notch. Much better than the dance recitals I used to perform in as a child.My family came out to support little Jasmine in her first actual recital (last December she did her first dance performance p this was the first recital) as they had for years when I was a little girl. Abuela Meme was there, Abuela was there, Daddy and Ava were there, I of course was there and Grandpa showed up later as he had a hell of a time finding parking.Jasmine was practically flawless in her performance and you could tell she loved it up there. They had the option of staying until the end and participating in the finale and Jasmine was begging us to let her stay and most of the other girls were staying too so we agreed that would be best as she had learned the little dance for the finale.
We were so glad we stayed. When the finale came and it was time for Jasmine to perform again, she did not disappoint. We were forbidden to film so I took pictures instead (we weren't even supposed to be doing that!). You can see from the pics that Jasmine thought this curtain call was so everyone could applaud her. She was great and seeing her exaggerated movements was cute and funny.After the performance, we went back to find our little dancer and Daddy had some roses to give to her from us. She was beaming, she loved the whole thing. It was fun to see her so happy with herself.We then took her out to see the rest of the family that was waiting to see her. Everyone gave her rave reviews and we took some pictures. It was a late evening and a fun one. I can't wait to see what kind of dancer Jasmine will turn out to be - hopefully better than I was!Oh - and did I mention it was my birthday that day as well?