Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jasmine's 4th Birthday

We just can't believe our firstborn is already 4 years old. The time has flown by and to us, her life has already been so full of memories and fun things we can't wait to see what the future brings for her. Jasmine is a very tenacious and precocious child who is determined to get her way, is sassy and too smart for her own good. We love her faith and sweet spirit and try to embrace her overly energetic attitude. We are so very blessed to be her parents and hope w do the best we can to raise her right.
I had started a tradition that on Jasmine's actual birthday, we would go to a water park with a few friends and then have her birthday party on another day. I had planned on taking her to Pirate's Cove, but when we woke that morning, it was raining and the forecast didn't look too great for the day. I quickly changed plans and we decided to head down to Manassas to have lunch at the City Square Cafe with my Tio Robert and Tia Susana and the Astles.I made cupcakes and when we got there we were so happy to find balloons at our table from Tia and Tio. We had a great lunch with some tasty food and great company and some delicious cupcakes for dessert. Jasmine really had a great time and was so happy to see her friends and family.After lunch, we headed over to a place I had found online called House of Bounce, an indoor moon bounce place. There, we met up with the Tabakas and the kids got to run around and bouce to their hearts content. AJ and Nita had brought a gift for Jasmine which she was excited to open and she got some beautiful clothes and a magnetic ballerina doll set.That evening, we had a dinner at home and the grandparents came to eat with us and Jasmine got to open gifts as well. Marcia also came over and joined in on the fun. We had another round of cupcakes and called it a night. It was a full and happy day and we were so happy to help Jasmine feel that it was her special day.


rachael said...

Love Jasmine's skirt! It is darling!!! And can I just say that you are ALWAYS doing such fun things with your family! i enjoy reading about all that you are doing and live vicariously through you and your kids.....if only i lived closer I could play and eat some of those yummy creations of yours!! Hope your business is going well!!

Summer said...

And then she had a full blown party? Oh my goodness!

That blow up place looks like a lot of fun!