Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break - Day 5

After four beautiful and fun filled days in SoCal, we got to finally meet up with the Australian family at the happiest place on earth - the original Disneyland.  The girls couldn't wait and Ava was excited to see Mickey Mouse as she loves him. 
Emily was the worlds biggest help and sweetie when she packed us a cooler full of food, drinks and snacks so we wouldn't have to spend so much money on food in the park and it is awesome that they let you bring it in with you.  It saved us so much time and money as we chose to eat while standing in line for rides.  That meant we didn't have to stand in line for food and had something to do while we were waiting.  She also lent me her stroller so I didn't have to carry things and so when Ava got tired, she had a place to rest.  For a woman who was 6 months pregnant, these thigns were lifesavers and made the trip more bearable.
Seeing our family at the park was so sweet.  They had just arrived the afternoon before so they were a bit jet lagged but they were happy to see us and we rode some rides together before they got exhausted and went back to the hotel for much needed sleep. 
We lasted until about 9 PM and got to see the fireworks.  I got the girls their only souvenir from the park, which was the Minnie Mouse hat with their names on it.