Friday, February 13, 2009

Recent Orders and Valentines Day Orders

Occasionally Cake is experiencing growth from last year and it is exciting that we have done more business at the beginning of this year than we did at the beginning of last year. We also did a lot more Valentines Day sales this year. I can only hope that when the bakery is open, we will do even better and this thing will be successful!
Some of our recent cakes haven't been that exciting as they have been small orders but fun to do nonetheless. We were excited to do 3 very large sheet cakes for the Army again this year for soldiers coming home from Iraq. These cakes weighed about 40 pounds a piece and we hear that they were thoroughly enjoyed by the soldiers and their families. We were happy to do our part for the men who defend our country, even if it is only filling their bellies with cakes! We sold almost 20 cupcake boxes and a few cookie boxes for V-Day and even had a last minute cupcake order from our bank. We can't wait to open our shop so we can do even more sales!


Em Dog said...

I'm surprised you were able to stomach making that Michigan cake, Buckeye!