Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our First Snow of the Season

So, this past week, Jasmine was out of school Monday and Tuesday because of teacher workdays. On Tuesday the weather decided to grace us with our first real snowfall of the winter season. I am hoping it isn't the only one. I couldn't let Jasmine out to play in it the first day as she wasn't feeling well and she was running a temperature. We stayed locked inside most of the day watching the snow fall and collect in our yard. I really love the snow.On Wednesday, they canceled school and Jasmine was feeling tons better so we got out her snowsuit from last year (which she only wore once) and were pleased to find it still fit and let her go out and play in the snow. She was wanting to make a snow angel but once she got outside, she lost her nerve and wouldn't lay in the snow. She was content to run around the yard at full speed making footprints in the snow and also getting snow and ice off my car to eat and to throw around. I played chase with her a bit and Daddy tried to interest her in building a snowman - but all she wanted to do was run.We stayed outside about 45 minutes and that seemed to be enough for all of us. I am glad that Jasmine got a chance to see some snow this year. It is always hard for me because it used to snow here a lot more when I was a child and I hate that the weather has changed so drastically in such a short amount of time.


Em Dog said...

That looks like magic!!!! JUST MAGIC!

Summer said...

I keep saying this, but it gives me a much needed laugh to see how thrilled you are about the snow. Especially while I stress about the snow that is putting so much strain on our house that our roof is leaking. You are welcome to play in our snow, we have a 3 foot drift outside our front door! I scared to see what will happen when it all melts!